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The Keeping Up With the Kestrels storyline ran the entirety of 2017 and closely followed several members of the Kestrel family as they spent time in Wehnimer's Landing. It was broken into two parts, with an interlude in the middle of summer.

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Grand Magister Dennet Kestrel and his family will be arriving at the Hendoran Outpost outside of Wehnimer's Landing.

Timeline of Events: First Half

The timeline includes events that occurred that could be considered "public knowledge" to those not present, as rumors and gossip can spread as townspeople talk, etc. However, there have been some more secretive events involving the Kestrels over the course of this time, and I have omitted those from the timeline. I leave it up to the PC's involved in those situations to decide what and when they wish to reveal.

The first half of the timeline encompasses events from January through June 2017:


Timeline of Events: Second Half

The first half of the timeline encompasses events from July through December 2017:

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