Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-11-07 - Reannah's Reminiscence (log)

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Eoantos 7-8, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Dennet is recovering and Reannah is feeling hopeful about her cure.
  • Reannah wants her mother Drandea back in the outpost both for her (Reannah's) sake and Cyph's; Shinann says she's free to go and Stormy says she has to check if the charges against her have been cleared, but will let her know Reannah wants her back.
  • Quinshon has examined Dennet after the Bleaklands trip and Naimorai is tending to him.
  • Reannah recalls her father people-watching with her from the rooftops and making up stories about them...
  • ...and then suddenly seems to relive that moment in a daydream before snapping out of it and leaving for the night.



Some Hendoran soldiers, and a cloaked woman are seen approaching the Stone Baths before entering inside. A moment later, the soldiers and the woman appear upon the rooftop of the Stone Baths. The woman seems to wave her hand, dismissing the soldiers, who climb down out of sight as the woman stands on high, snow swirling down around her.

[Stone Baths, Rooftop Garden]

Brass handrails rise up along the edges of the bathhouse's stone rooftop, enclosing a wide flat surface that is mostly dominated by vivid flowerbeds, brightened by the moon's silvery rays. The view from the garden is expansive, revealing the shadowy streets of Wehnimer's Landing and the dark forests beyond the town. You also see a wooden hatch.

Reannah quietly says, "It's beautiful night."

Speaking musingly to Reannah, you say, "Do you secretly have ice magic like your daughter? You seem to truly love the snow."

Reannah starts chuckling at you!

Reannah quietly says, "I will confess."

Reannah quietly says, "For many years I longed for magic."

Speaking to Reannah, Ysharra asks, "How is the Grand Magister? And you, how do you feel?"

Reannah quietly says, "At first because I felt I could accomplish much with it."

Reannah quietly says, "But now, looking back, I suspect is was primarily to have something more in common with my husband."

Reannah quietly says, "Perhaps, something to draw his eye to me more."

Speaking politely to Reannah, Cruxophim inquires, "Aren't you rather cold up here, m'lady?"

Reannah quietly says, "It is cold, yes."

Reannah quietly says, "But the feeling of it..."

Reannah quietly says, "Makes me feel alive."

Reannah quietly says, "My husband is recovering."

Reannah nods at Ysharra.

Cryheart asks, "How is your husband?"

Reannah quietly says, "He was quite exhausted. I was told the ordeal was very taxing."

Speaking to Reannah, Ysharra asks, "And the second part of my question?"

Reannah quietly says, "But he is eating, and sleeping. He rarely used to sleep."

Reannah chuckles.

Reannah quietly says, "So that is good."

Reannah quietly asks, "I'm sorry, what was the second part?"

Reannah quietly says, "I was asked a dozen things."

Reannah chuckles.

Speaking to Reannah, Ysharra says, "There's mulled wine in the mansion just north of here, I can get some for you if you wish. But my question was how you're feeling."

Reannah quietly says, "Ah, I am feeling...."

Reannah rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Reannah quietly says, "A smidge of hope."

Reannah quietly says, "More than I did a few nights ago."

Reannah quietly says, "I was told the trip to the Bleaklands was successful."

Speaking softly to Reannah, Ysharra asks, "How is the pain?"

Speaking to Reannah, Elementz says, "There is still some work left to be done, but that part is finished."

Reannah quietly says, "I have lived with the pain for long enough, that it is normal now."

Reannah nods at Elementz.

Reannah quietly says, "Thank you all for your help."

Reannah quietly says, "I know my husband can be a difficult man at times."

Reannah smiles.

Reannah's Request About Drandea

Reannah quietly says, "I am also glad you've come tonight..."

Reannah quietly says, "The snow is not my only reason for coming to town."

Reannah smiles.

Reannah quietly says, "It is something perhaps some of you are more, positioned, to help over others."

Reannah glances between Shinann and Stormyrain.

Reannah glances at Cruxophim.

Reannah quietly says, "I would like my mother returned."

Stormyrain gives a sidelong glance at Reannah.

Shinann asks, "Returned?"

Speaking thoughtfully to Reannah, Cruxophim reminds, "She is not a prisoner... at least, from my understanding."

Stormyrain skeptically asks, "To the outpost?"

Shinann says, "She is free to go anytime."

Reannah quietly says, "Released, to come back to the Outpost."

Reannah quietly says, "Good."

Reannah quietly says, "Then will you please send her a note."

Reannah quietly says, "Informing her I wish her to return."

Cruxophim nods understandingly at Reannah.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stormyrain asks, "She still has some charges, unless she's been through a court and I did not know it?"

Stormyrain raises her eyebrow, the dark bloodjewel half-ring set within only enhancing her skeptical expression.

Speaking wryly to Stormyrain, Cruxophim reminds, "You know how paperwork goes around here."

Osloe asks, "What charges are those?"

Stormyrain says, "Completely possible. I was on vacation for a bit of time on the island."

Speaking to Reannah, Stormyrain says, "I'll have to check with the Judge to see if her court issues have been settled, but we are glad to let her know you eagerly await her return."

Stormyrain smiles at Reannah.

Reannah nods at Stormyrain.

Speaking nonchalantly to Osloe, Cruxophim informs, "Threatening Dennet and myself, which I am obviously losing vast amounts of sleep over, conspiring to poison... Carenos, was it? I do forget."

Reannah quietly says, "I think it will be good to have her back."

Reannah quietly says, "She has always been my rock, against everything else, while in the midst of everything else."

Speaking affably to Stormyrain, Cruxophim inquires, "Would you pass such a message along?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stormyrain says, "I will make sure it gets to the Lady."

Cruxophim nods appreciatively at Stormyrain.

Reannah quietly says, "I think it will be good for my...Cyph as well."

Stormyrain continues, "And I will make sure we check in with the Courts."

Stormyrain smiles.

Reannah quietly says, "He seems, troubled lately, more aloof, stand off-ish."

Reannah quietly says, "I think it will be good if they try to connect again."

Speaking to Reannah, Ulkov says, "Yea. Good luck with that."

Reannah peers quizzically at Ulkov.

Reannah quietly asks, "What do you mean?"

Reannah peers quizzically at Ulkov.

Speaking to Reannah, Ulkov says, "I'm sure Dennet can be as willing as he wants. I got a feeling your mother ain't gonna be so willing."

Reannah quietly says, "My mother loves my son."

Speaking to Ulkov, Lornieh says, "I think reconnect with Cyph was what she meant."

Ulkov nervously says, "Ha... heh.. right."

Ulkov clears his throat.

Speaking to Reannah, Dalabrac says, "She was concerned about his behavior."

Speaking to Reannah, Shinann asks, "She was unhappy with the change. Are you more comfortable with it now?"

Speaking to Reannah, Dalabrac says, "About him not being...him."

Elementz whispers something to Reannah.

Reannah frowns at Elementz.

Reannah quietly says, "I will speak to her."

Reannah quietly says, "She is a hard woman, and sometimes I wish I was more like her."

Reannah quietly says, "But she will come to accept the change."

Reannah quietly says, "I am...I am trying myself."

Reannah quietly says, "Each day is better."

Reannah quietly says, "It is good to have my son alive, even if his face is not the one I gave birth to."

Reannah quietly says, "He is still, him."

Reannah quietly says, "And I have hope now, that perhaps my husband's plans will work, and I will now have a very long time to watch my children grow."

Speaking to Reannah, Evia says, "We hope so as well."

Speaking diplomatically to Reannah, Cruxophim assures, "We are all hoping for the best."

Speaking to Reannah, Elementz says, "I'm sure we will continue to aid Dennet in his endeavor to afford you that life, especially given his change of temperament lately."

Reannah grins.

In the Care of Quinshon and Naimorai

Speaking to Reannah, Shinann says, "Does your husband need examining? He did not look well."

Reannah moves slowly over to the edge of the rooftop.

Reannah nods at Ysharra.

Reannah quietly says, "He is well, I am told."

Shinann looks thoughtfully at Reannah.

Reannah quietly says, "Quinshon examined him, and my daughter has been tending to him."

Speaking to Reannah, Goldstr asks, "Ur nae sees him?"

Speaking absently to Reannah, Cruxophim wonders, "By whom?"

Speaking to Reannah, Ysharra asks, "Quinshon did?"

Reannah quietly says, "Initially, yes."

Speaking to Reannah, Ysharra asks, "What did he say?"

Reannah nods at Elementz.

Reannah quietly says, "That he will recover, and the ordeal was taxing, but successful."

Speaking to Reannah, Lornieh says, "Do take a care with Quinshon, m'lady."

Reannah quietly says, "I do not fear Quinshon."

Speaking to Reannah, Lornieh says, "Not fear.... but be mindful of him."

Lornieh nods at Reannah.


Reannah moves over to the edge of the rooftop, slowly leans over and sits on the edge, her legs dangling over the sides.

Speaking thoughtfully to Reannah, Cruxophim wonders, "Just curious, m'lady... how do you get along with Magister Svala? I can only imagine the Oupost must feel small at times."

Reannah chuckles, almost lightheartedly, enraptured in a moment once long forgotten.

Reannah quietly says, "My father and I..."

Reannah chuckles.

Reannah places a hand on her heart.

Reannah quietly says, "He would take me to the roof of the barracks in Idolone."

Hapenlok's expression goes blank as his thoughts turn inward.

Reannah quietly says, "He would tell me stories of everyone passing by in the streets."

Hapenlok distantly says, "Idolone..."

(Evia holds firmly to the back of Reannah's cloak.)

Reannah quietly says, "Sorry, I mean Immuron."

Reannah quietly says, "It is late."

Reannah chuckles.

Reannah quietly says, "I was very young...and we'd seen people down below in the streets..."

Reannah quietly says, "He'd tell me grand stories of each one as they passed..."

Reannah quietly says, "They were simple at first..."

Reannah quietly says, "Truly believable..."

Reannah chuckles.

Reannah quietly says, "But then as the weeks went on, he embellished quite a bit."

Reannah quietly says, "I miss him."

Reannah quietly says, "I do not want Cyph and Naimorai to miss me."

Reannah quietly says, "Now, Mayor, I am sorry I missed your question."

Reannah quietly says, "I am sure I get along with Magister Svala well enough."

Reannah quietly asks, "Yes?"

Cruxophim begins chuckling at Reannah!

Reannah shrugs.

Speaking teasingly to Reannah, Cruxophim jests, "You'd be one of the few."

Cruxophim flashes a quick grin at Reannah.

Reannah quietly says, "I'm married to a wizard obsessed with work and awkward with physical connections."

Cruxophim raises his voice at Reannah in merry laughter.

Reannah quietly says, "So I'm well experienced to deal with Magister Svala."

Reannah chuckles.

Speaking wryly to Reannah, Cruxophim concedes, "I suppose it does rather go with the line of work. I think Magister Svala is rather delightful, but some are not so receptive to her no-nonsense ways."

Reannah dangles her feet, kicking them playfully.

(Evia holds even more firmly to the back of Reannah's cloak.)

Reannah smiles at Evia.

Goldstr plucks a silky round golden poppy from the flowerbed.

Goldstr offers Reannah a silky round golden poppy.

Reannah accepts Goldstr's golden poppy.

Goldstr bows to Reannah.

Reannah quietly says, "The pain has been so constant it almost feels..."

Reannah shrugs.

Reannah quietly says, "I cannot explain."

Speaking pleasantly to Reannah, Cruxophim offers, "Liquid courage?"

Cruxophim flashes Reannah a toothy grin.

Cruxophim offers Reannah a flute of cherry-apple blood wine.

Reannah declines Cruxophim's offer.

Sudden Daydreaming

Reannah slowly removes her boots, her body squirming slightly at the edge of the rooftop. She legs her bare feet touch the crisp fresh air of night, with flakes of white snow swirling about and some landing on her feet. Her toes look pale, the tips darkened, with whorls of veins snaking up her feet and towards her ankles.

Hapenlok mutters, "Frostbite....not good."

Reannah peers quizzically at Hapenlok.

Reannah quietly says, "No, not frostbite."

Speaking to Reannah, Ysharra asks, "Is that improved?"

Speaking to Reannah, Hapenlok says, "My apologies."

Reannah looks over at Ysharra and shakes her head.

Reannah wiggles her darkened toes, letting the snow fall on them. She twists her feet from side to side, smiling.

Reannah slowly places the boots back onto her feet.

Cryheart asks, "The cold help?"

Cryheart grins at Reannah.

Reannah shrugs at Cryheart.

[baby time pause (probably)]

Reannah slowly empties her lungs.

Reannah watches out over the dark streets of town, where the snow falls amidst dim lights and emptying streets.

Reannah looks to the side, chuckling, almost a glazed look in her eyes.

Reannah quietly says, "You are so funny daddy..."

Reannah chuckles.

Reannah quietly exclaims, "There is no way he is a pirate, in Immuron!"

Reannah chuckles.

Reannah blinks.

Reannah quietly says, "Sorry...I was...I must have been daydreaming."

Reannah's cheeks take on a slightly flushed tone.

Reannah steps back from the ledge, leaning on Evia.

Speaking to Reannah, Ysharra says, "You were speaking to your father, at least in your memory."

Ysharra nods at Reannah.

Speaking to Reannah, Ysharra says, "It sounded like a fun story."

Reannah quietly says, "Then it was a good memory."

Speaking gently to Reannah, Cruxophim offers, "Care to accompany Dame Evia someplace warmer, and not several stories up?"

Reannah leans on Evia, stretching to gain some support. As she moves, you notice patches of her skin along her arm briefly grow almost transparent, incarnadine tendons and blood-filled veins visible beneath. It passes quickly.

Reannah quietly says, "I should return, yes."

Reannah quietly says, "I am tired."

Reannah motions with her hand, and immediately some Hendoran soldiers emerge from an alleyway below, and enter the Stone Baths.

Some Hendoran soldiers arrive.

Reannah quietly says, "Have a great night everyone. Thank you for your company."

Reannah nods at Elementz. [based on a whisper, as far as I can tell]

Reannah places her hand on Stormyrain's arm.

Stormyrain smiles at Reannah.

Stormyrain inclines her head.

Reannah quietly says, "My mother, please."

Reannah nods at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Reannah, Stormyrain says, "Apologies, it's habit. And yes, I will tell her."

Cruxophim gives a sidelong glance at Stormyrain.

Reannah nods.

Reannah follows the Hendoran soldiers down the hatch.