Kezmon Isle

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Kezmon Isle was a large island in the Great Western Sea, due west of Tamzyrr. Kai Toka was its major city, known for maritime trade and shipbuilding.

In the year 4277, Kezmon became one of the earliest regions to be incorporated into the Turamzzyrian Empire. Among the famous historical figures from Kezmon was Duke Nyrmont, one of the imperial commanders in the Third Elven War against the Faendryl dark elves. Kezmonian honey beryls are named after the region.

Kezmon Isle mysteriously disappeared in a massive storm in 4873, fulfilling the prophesied curse of Inar'ru.

Over a hundred years later, dwarven explorers searching for the ruins of Kezmon were blown off course and instead discovered Teras Isle.

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