Pavilion of the Bells

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Pavilion of the Bells is located in a clearing in a grove of persimmon trees. The pavilion is built around a large stone of remembrance. Above this stone hangs a large tubular bell. The large dome of the pavilion is supported by columns of riverstone wrapped around with ivy. Inside the pavilion, a complex oak frame supports tens of thousands of small bells.

The pavilion is one of several popular spots used for weddings.

Wonders of Elanthia Historical Discussion

This story is told by Sandren the Human Scholar.

"This area has quite a bit of personal meaning to me. I first came here a few years ago and discovered the pavilion. As a scholar, I tend to travel far and wide, and I often left my wife and young son at home. The year my travels took me to this town, I discovered the pavilion, and of course, was instantly fascinated. What was it? Who built it? Why was it here? An illness had struck the small town I called home. I hurried as quickly as I could, but by the time I arrived, it was too late. Fully half the town, including my wife and young son, succumbed to the unknown illness. I spent time there, grieving with those left behind and helping bury the dead, but with the love of my life gone, there was nothing remaining in the town for which to stay. Now even more, the pavilion drew me back."

"In the years since, I have made it my life's mission to seek out who made this monument and why. I am sure I do not have to tell you, as adventurers oft draw the great prizes, but also the most poignant losses. But time slowly, inexorably, heals all wounds; or at least dulls the pain. I miss my family, but the knife wound has become more of a dull throbbing, and my scholastic work has assisted in that. Immediately upon my return here, I did learn some of the meaning of this pavilion for the town members. As I am sure many of you remember, there was a dreadful Krolvin occupation in recent years, and a small child was one of the victims of the horrid actions that took place here. Many flocked to the pavilion, using it as a memorial for that small girl whose life was lost at the hands of Sankir the Bloodfist, but the monument is obviously old, and that was fairly recent, so my quest continued. Late last year, I came into possession of a sea chest, locked and sealed by years of abuse by salt water. For those who do not know...scholarship goes well beyond the books to "other" learning, and some of the best books are often behind locks and other impenetrable barrier. Thus, some of have...skills...beyond reading. Utilizing those tools of scholarship, I was able to crack the trunk, and inside, I found at last the answers I sought. Our tale was contained in various diaries, journals, and the occasional love letter. Some of the letters were their details, so pardon me if I gloss over some tidbits. The trunk was property of one Shubai Dupril. A known smuggler and one of the true River Rats, Shubai Dupril, son of a River's Rest Volunteer, was a half-elf with quite the reputation. Shubai Dupril oft sailed to Kezmon Isle. Officially, he was visiting "friends". Of course, the imperial tax collector hypothesized that Dupril was less socially inclined and more tax-free business inclined. For those customers who enjoy things such as...oh...whiskey without taxation."

"In 4790, however, Dupril's presence on Kezmon was quite fortuitous in a way none could have predicted. Krolvin attacked Kezmon, and the town officials fled, as they are wont to do. Dupril stayed to defend, rallying the town's defenses and sending runners to the Imperial Navy, alerting them of the incursion. His quick thinking and fast ship saved Kezmon Isle...and it was quite the risk for a man of his business dealings. The Imperial Navy responded immediately, and the Krolvin were least for the time being. Dupril's actions fomented a pleasurable relationship between River's Rest and Kezmon Isle for quite some time. Even his bravery and former deeds, however, could not last forever. When the River's Rest Irregulars left the fight during the Third Elven War, the relationship was irretrievably damaged. This was quite unfortunate for Dupril, for during the time of friendship, he built some of his own friendships."

"The Duke of Kezmon became a close friend, which gave Dupril some great advantages. It also gave him access to the Duke's family, and there, he met the Duke's niece. Nyrmont's niece was quite lovely, and Dupril, always appreciative of beauty, cultivated the friendship. The two soon fell deeply in love, and the Duke astonishingly agreed to the marriage betwixt his niece and Dupril. I am sure some talked behind his back in disbelief or anger, but love is quite mysterious at times, and perhaps Nyrmont could not resist, or, more prosaically, perhaps there were plenty of taxless casks of whiskey washing ashore. After the Irregulars withdrew from the war, however, everything changed. Feeling less than friendly towards River's Rest, the Duke withdrew his approval and Dupril was no longer welcome on Kezmon Isle. Thus, the relationship between River's Rest and Kezmon cooled to glacial temperature, but the one between Dupril and his love did not. Trust me, those love letters I mentioned? They are evidence that there was no cooling. I was quite shocked a young lady of such breeding could turn a pen in that particular way. A woman of remarkable vocabulary."

"The two lovers planned a time when they could be together. Nyrmont was growing old, and the niece served as his caretaker, so she asked one boon of her love. Before they ran away together, she merely wished her uncle to have passed on. Based on his health, Dupril readily agreed. Meanwhile, the two arranged clandestine meetings in a hidden cove he knew about on the Isle. Late at night, they would meet get the picture. The trysts were frequent and passionate. On dark and foggy nights, Dupril's love would ring a small bell and guide him through dangerous waters to her side. Years passed, but Nyrmont clung to life. At last, on one moonless night, the Duke's niece rang her love to her and brought also glad tidings. Her uncle, old beyond his years, was at last on what could only be his death bed. In a matter of weeks, if not days, they would be together. We would not be at this pavilion, however, if there was not an "alas" to come. That night, Dupril left his love with a sailor's jig to his steps, ebullient and ecstatic. Alas, while he was sleeping the rest of the night in the comfort of his home in River's Rest, a great storm arose. In the morning, when the Resters awoke, Kezmon Isle and all her people were suddenly, inexplicably gone. Dupril sailed for weeks along the stretch where Kezmon once stood searching for his love; however, the sea is a harsh mistress, and Dupril sailed in vain. One evening, adrift in the seas, the faint sound of a bell awoke Dupril. "Could it be?" he wondered. And in haste, he followed the soft sound of the bell. The familiar sound led him to what would have been the shores of Kezmon and there, drifting along the waves, he found her bell. The sight of the bell, lost and alone in an unforgiving sea, brought Dupril to his senses, and he admitted finally to himself that his love was gone. In anguish, he retrieved the bell from the water and returned to River's Rest. Dupril spent his fortune building the monument and pavilion in memoriam for the one he loved above all others."

"Shubai Durpil grew older and more bent as the years past, but he tended the pavilion and its bells until finally, he slipped off beyond the gate in his sleep. The story touched my heart, and the pavilion has yet even more meaning for me now. I shall travel and seek other scholarly pursuits, but I know in my heart, I will always come here to honor both Dupril and his love, and my wife and son. I trust the people of River's Rest will continue to honor it in the ways that they have in the past."