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New Statue

Category: Towns
Topic: Kharam Dzu
Message #: 4507
Author: GS4-LIIA
Date: 5/7/2008 4:23:46 PM
Subject: New Statue Revealed in Kharam Dzu!

Today on Teras Isle...

Tremendous clattering is heard as a group of dwarves enter, pulling a covered statue on a wheeled cart. The apparent leader yells, "Ready? Heave!" and the rest of the workers hoist the statue to its new home by the fountain. They pull off the large tarp and walk out with the cart, wheezing with the strain of the job.

At long last, the town officials are pleased to announce a brand new statue at the intersection of Dragonspine and Krodera.

>look fountain
The pool is edged with waterspouts, from which jets of clear, clean water jet upward and inward toward the center. The water falls at the feet of a pristine hulking giant statue.
>look statue
Comprised of a variety of polished metals, this life-size likeness of a giantman stands facing the fountain, one foot on the surrounding wall. He is clad in invar breeches and a matching chainmail shirt, gripping a solid vultite bastard-sword in each massive hand. Below an unkempt mass of hair, his eyes are wide and wild, and his face is split with a maniacal grin. A small silver plaque is affixed near his bare feet.
>read plaque
In the Common language, it reads:
In recognition of the good citizens of Kharam-Dzu, who donated the materials to rebuild this historical statue of Hymirth Gertigson, warchief of the Ghost-Elk Tribe. Never bested in the ring of honor, his death at Maelshyve will be sung through the ages.


Grand Opening of the Stormbrow Gallery

Category: GSIV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements
Message #: 497
Author: GS4-Liia
Date: 03/29/2009 01:39 PM CDT
Subject: Grand Opening of the Stormbrow Gallery!

At long last, the remodeling of the Stormbrow Gallery (also known as the Teras Isle Museum) has been completed! We will soon be unveiling the museum in its entirety (check both Platimum and Prime calendars for details; further announcements will be made).

Come to see displays of wonder, hear songs of lore, read legends of the Isle, and even find some hidden fun spots to enjoy! Souvenirs may be purchased in the grand Stormbrow gift shop!

After the tour we will be holding a gala banquet with visiting dignitaries from across Elanith. Food from each town will be provided to tempt your well-traveled taste buds!

Citizens from all realms are encouraged to attend. Come see the displays graciously returned to Kharam Dzu from the Landing's museum, and participate in the celebration!


Fountain Upgrade

Category: Towns
Topic: Kharam Dzu
Message #: 2020
Author: GS4-LIIA
Date: 09/15/2017 02:12 PM EDT
Subject: Teras Fountain Upgrade

Word reached the Prince that local bards have been risking unpleasant death by dehydration due to the lack of easily accessible water on the Isle. Feeling that life on Teras is risky enough, he sent forth the local janitor/handyman to do some upgrades. Eldalina visited today and confirmed that the water is cool, fresh, delicious, and not poisoned!

OOC information:

The fountain at Dragonspine and Krodera has been updated to offer fresh drinking water! Simply DIP FOUNTAIN with an appropriate drinking vessel in your hand, and enjoy. Note that the souvenir glasses from this past summer's festival work quite nicely!