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Storyline Ashes to Ashes
Gender female
Race Halfling
Status alive
Relationship(s) Tyrrax
Affiliation(s) Wyvern Fleet

Kharusa is a halfling mentalist who was interrogating Wehnimer's Landing citizens after kidnapping them. She was held prisoner on the Czag Mordg by the Krolvin Warlord Tyrrax.


As seen on Charlatos 1, 5122 (03/13/2022)
You see Kharusa Dewfoot.
She appears to be a Halfling.
She is short.  She appears to be young.  She has overly tired deep celadon eyes and ashen skin.  She has unkempt shoulder-length, greasy mottled brown hair worn in several oily braids.  She has a triangular face, a bent nose and a series of bleached bone piercings along her cheeks and brow.  Rune-etched alloy chains are clasped about her wrists and ankles.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a petrified squirrel's head talsman, a stained dark woolen satchel, a sleeveless stained red tunic, a bone-fringed beadwork pouch, a studded dark leather scabbard, some tattered grey woolen leggings, and a pair of blood-crusted boots.