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Storyline Ashes to Ashes
Gender male
Race Krolvin
Status alive
Relationship(s) Kharusa
Alias/Title Czag Dubra, Czag Pritz, The Black Wyvern of Glaoveln
Affiliation(s) Wyvern Fleet

Tyrrax is the krolvin warlord who has replaced Kragnack, following the death of the prior Czag Dubra in Jastatos 5118 Modern Era from the Blue Suffer poison created by Praxopius. Tyrrax styles himself as Czag Pritz, the Light-Bringer, or the Black Wyvern of Glaoveln. He has acquired many magical items from Idolone that once belonged to Praxopius Fortney, who was known as the Alchemist, and has reason to believe Xorus was sent the formula for the Blue Suffer to one day turn it into a genocide weapon that could eradicate the whole krolvin race. This was from a secret written record that could only be read using a lens with moonlight. Tyrrax is seeking the destruction of the formula, which he says is a letter in brass. He has used a kidnapped halfling mentalist named Kharusa to probe minds. Xorus denied receiving the formula from Praxopius, but his mind was too severely warded to be probed. Tyrrax apparently sought the Ravager in 5121 M.E.


As seen on Olaesta 1, 5122 (04/01/2022)
You see Czag Pritz Tyrrax.
He appears to be a Krolvin.
He is short.  He appears to be young and robust.  He has dark-rimmed deep marigold eyes and bluish-grey skin.  He has thick, silken indigo blue hair that covers his head and extends across his shoulders and down his back.  He has an ape-like face, a flat nose and a stout muscular build.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a thick silver signet, a stark white hand-held pylon, a faded necklace of jagged razern teeth, a shrunken gnome skull amulet, a stained deep blue jacket adorned with ornate gold-threaded epaulets, a sharp-edged dented mithril shield, a skull-clasped small grey satchel, a suit of sleek black hide brigandine, a crimson-streaked urglaes bracer, a series of eight rune-etched golden rings, a blackened mithril mesh belt, a burnished narrow wood scabbard, a gold-trimmed black hide hip-pouch, a pair of grey fitted trousers with bands of ebony-hued piping, and some wide cuffed steel-toed black hide boots.