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Gender male
Race human
Profession merchant
Title Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire
Service(s) GALD
Venue Grawood Farmstead
Status dead

Khlat Braggiani was a merchant who died at the hand of adventurers in 5112 during the Teekhum Descends Into Darkness storyline. His bodily contents mercilessly looted thereafter. In passing, his famed whip Holy Scourge was passed on to his heir.


You see Khlat Braggiani the Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire.
He appears to be a Human.
He is taller than average.  He appears to be mature.  He has bright ocean blue eyes and slightly tanned skin.  He has short, unkempt green-tinged blonde hair with several erratic locks falling in front of his face.  He has a scruffy face and a scar running from the top of his left eye straight down to his jaw.
He appears to be DEAD!
He has severe head trauma and bleeding from the ears.
He is wearing a hefty bag of loot, a dark green canvas flat cap, a dagger-shaped crystal amulet, an oil-stained green canvas jacket with an upturned collar, a dirt-laden cloth shirt, a wide brown leather belt wrapped with several colorful bandanas, a scratched black willow scabbard, a pair of black leather breeches, and a pair of tall leather boots.

Behind the Scenes

Khlat was run by Gamemaster Wyrom.