Kotin (prime)

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Where I spend most my time.
Race Giantman
Profession Martial Artist
Affiliation(s) Bandit Cleavers of Elanthia, Rage Plate Do
Demeanor Friendly
Greatest Strength Eager to Learn
Greatest Weakness that next Bounty
Habits Research and Development
Hobbies Cleaving Bandits
Likes Icemule
Dislikes Undead
Loyalties Stucco Well Family, Soliere, Students
Spouse Rioja

Kotin is a giantman martial artist - philosopher who developed Rage Plate Do. He calls Icemule his home, but drifted in from elsewhere during a terrible blizzard. He can be found resting on the bench in Town Center or on the Stucco Well reading, writing and reflecting in his viridian leather field notebook. He has begun to publish some of his philosophy and adventures in his journal.


He is very tall. He appears to be in the spring of life.
He has brooding amber eyes and freckled skin.
He has raggedly cut, unruly deep red hair with lighter streaks.
He has a gaunt face, a broad nose and a grizzled beard.

He is holding a small blue leather journal in his right hand and a scarlet owl quill with a silver nib in his left hand.

He is wearing some silvery white mithril greaves etched with a blinding white light design, a flame-etched vultite wall shield etched with a flame-singed modwir tree design, a vibrant red imflass helm etched with a flame-singed modwir tree design, a floor-length granite silk velvet robe patterned with broad silver-white leaves, a bone skeleton pin, an ivory dagger symbol set with chalcedony and blue quartz, a wolf-marked vultite greatshield, a cloudy grey pack, a suit of etched mithril field plate with faenor inlay, a flawless gold ring, a roan suede survival kit, and some linked mithglin chausses plated with zorchar. You have a glossy red wooden arrow fletched with black feathers stuck in your head!

Stitched on the armband are the words, "House Daingneach Onoir will always remember and honor those who are no longer with us." Kotin carries this to remember his fallen friend, Raorke, who passed away in the spring of 5118 and is remembered in verse here.

Background and Adventures

A complete background for Kotin before arriving at Icemule can be found here in Kotin's Early Life

Early Life

Kotin, the youngest of two boys, took up the mantle of protector of the family because his brother focused on reading instead of fighting and his father was an invalid. One day his village was sacked and razed. Discovering his mother (Rosie) and father (Berlance) dead and his presuming his brother dead, Kotin fled with nothing but the clothes on his back into the Forbidden Forest. After days of running from the bandit pursuers, he discovered a hobbit hermit living in an otherworldly forest.

The hermit turned out to be an ex-bandit named Wendell who had been abducted as a youth, enslaved and eventually conscripted into the Fair Trading Company run by bandits. His many escape attempts resulted in increasingly harsh punishments. During the execution of one of his gruesome punishments, Wendell encountered a little girl. She was set to the task of killing Wendell to save her parents by orders of the local Bandit Manager.

The girl was prevented from killing Wendell by the Bandit Manager who preferred to retain the pair for his own personal pleasure. The day of Berlance's Last Stand, Wendell and the girl were able to separately escape into the Forbidden Forest.

Wendell took Kotin on as a pupil, teaching him the basics of swordplay, wilderness survival, first aid and, most importantly, reading. Wendell met his end, but not before sharing the Bandit's First Rule with Kotin: "Never underestimate the will of a dead man." Kotin encountered the girl the night Wendell died; the night he was driven out of the Forbidden Forest.

Kotin eventually came to the town of Icemule Trace, approaching it from the southwest, he found himself mired in the trenches of the Frozen Battlefield whereupon he met the dwarf cleric, Brokkrsten, who helped him escape the trenches with his life intact.

He vowed to to honor the lives of Rosie, Berlance and Wendell by exercising both body and mind. Reflection became a routine activity in Kotin's daily life.

Weapons and Armor of Kotin's design

Current Gear

A suit of etched mithril field plate with faenor inlay

This suit of armor consists of a masterfully crafted piercing blue mithril lorica segmentata with attached faulds and bevor. The hands and arms are enclosed in articulated gauntlets that reach up beyond the elbow while the legs are covered with cuisses. Sabatons cover the feet. The head and back of the neck are covered with a custom-crafted sallet with a grated screen allowing for full use of the senses. Under the suit of plate armor is an arming doublet which doubles as winter protection. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

a massive executioner's axe

Etched along the haft of the massive axe are innumerable notch marks forming an intricate line pattern, the lines possibly counting the number of enemies slain. The notched pattern woven along the haft serves to help the wielder grip the weapon more easily. You notice a small enchanter's glyph and Sacru's crafting mark. A faint aura of holy light radiates from the axe. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the axe.

There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads: The Bandit Cleaver

Former Gear

a serrated black invar claidhmore

The weapon appears to be designed to kill quickly and efficiently, its blade serrated for maximum damage. Wrapped about the hilt are lengths of blood-colored marble shards, each one suspended from a single piece of rawhide. Elegantly inscribed in Common are the words: The Bandit Cleaver. Two spherical depressions adorn the black invar claidhmore, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

scratched villswood greatshield

Beneath the branch-like scratches on the shield, you see a claidhmore-wielding giantman outfitted in full plate engaged in battle with a horde of bandits. A glossy red arrow sprouts from his head and elemental bolts of energy arc from the armor toward the bandits. Bodies litter the scene, some barely visible. Behind a rock you see what appears to be a crowned kobold barking commands at the bandits.

A suit of etched mithril field plate with faenor inlay

Etched onto the surface of the mithril plate is a massive battle scene, the image of the snow-capped mountains of Pinefar blending into the blue-grey background of hammered metal.  A claidhmore-wielding warrior is depicted raging towards a menacing swarm of enemies, the glacei, ice wraths, and frozen corpses lurching forward in an attempt at an ambush.  A single glossy red arrow sits pierced through the warrior's head, yet the his face still remains frozen in a look of utmost fearlessness.  You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph.

Rage Plate Do

A complete history of the development of the Rage Plate Do martial art can be found here

Kotin searched far and wide, seeking knowledge from scrolls, guides, experienced warriors and combat. Over time, Kotin developed the martial art he calls, Rage Plate Do, to overcome the challenges of the battlefield and the restrictions set forth by the gods.

The basics are: berserker's rage, full plate (preferably flaring), a BIG weapon and understanding of the battlefield, the enemy and oneself.

One must learn to control their rage so as to not run off and get themselves killed (rare for masters) or break ranks from their party. This can be done by compelling the enemy to fight on your terms. Feign retreat, group all enemies in one location, then unleash your rage. Have faith that, even though your 'superficial' defense will be lowered due to insufficient training in armor and the force of your enemies, your full plate will keep you alive--even when donning it straight from the turnip farm.

Icemule's Dark Winter

It was the winter of 5117 when a stranger came to town speaking of the sorcery in the snow. Hibbits was his name. He brought news of great trouble, indeed. Orbs appeared, invasions from all manner of beasts and Bandits, a Sheruvian witch, orbs morphing into portals and a tormented woman hysterically alternating between asking for help and wishing death and destruction upon the town. All for a Tome.

In the end, in great despair for the breakdown of Icemule's civil society, Kotin walked into the portal seeking to save the woman or find his end.

The tale was told in the form of 54 limericks for the first time at 2000hr elven on the first Feastday of Phoenatos and can be read in its entirety here. The audience included: Soliere, Hlendril, Laralana, Vallahei, Dirvy, Zailon, Tylayli, Polveiss.

Story-telling with a Twist

Kotin participated in the inaugural Story-telling with a Twist, hosted by the Obsidian Tower on the first day of Imaerasta in the year 5118.

[Obsidian Tower Party Tent] Hardwood floors of polished ebonwood are inlaid with paler woods forming an intricate Obsidian Tower coat-of-arms. Cheerful candles on gold candelabra brighten the spacious tent, casting merry shadows upon its lush, obsidian velvet interior walls. A heavy silver damask curtain traced with thorny black roses separates the dance area to the north from this main gathering spot. You also see a discreet tent flap. Also here: Marroc, Alisaire, Master of Ceremonies Chubbins, Avaia, Kotin, Tinkerina who is sitting, Celincia who is sitting, Minlea who is sitting, Aneire who is sitting, Hats, Lman who is sitting, Dashralto, Lady in Waiting Rendena, Telare Obvious exits: north

Telare lead the event and each of of took turns adding to a story. The complete story can be found here.

We enjoyed each other's company and story telling. The Master of Ceremonies, Chubbins, even provided servicing for those who helped develop the story.

Icemule Forums, Treaty with Ta'Vaalor Discussion

[Fenog's, Assembly Annex] A life-sized statue of a giantman wielding dual claidhmores guards the entrance to the hall. A series of oil-lit chandeliers hang from the ceiling, brightening the area. Dozens of cushioned high back chairs are arranged around a large circular hoarbeam table. A display case housing battered elven armor stands along the eastern wall. An enormous fireplace with a large polar bear rug arranged in front, and an eloquent faewood plaque hanging above it take up almost one wall. You also see the palm frond-shaped Leafiara disk, the Brokkrsten disk, the Selaesia disk, a blue-eyed calico cat, a cheerful aurora spirit that is flying around, the Kilded disk, the Winnieffer disk, the Kotin disk, a polished brass cart with some stuff on it, a narrow hoarbeam door, a tall narrow arch, some massive double doors and a large basket of sticks. Also here: Maiden Leafiara who is sitting, Librarian Selaesia, Maven Brokkrsten, Dervos, Shent who is kneeling, Winnieffer who is sitting, Dayzed who is sitting, Mayor Tawariell, Kilded who is sitting, Lady in Waiting Logeerkamer who is sitting, Arbiter Jastalyn, Adrift who is sitting, Amapola, Jynnie who is sitting, Fenog who is sitting, Lady Kearstan who is sitting

Jastalyn presided over both sessions. The general feeling was of dismay over Mayor Tawariell's allowance of Vaalorian airships in Icemule's air space. Some were very upset about granting these privileges to the elves, while others did not see a threat.

The Mayor was questioned, a bit harshly in Kotin's opinion.

The Mayor will soon be implementing a Town Guard. Kotin loves his mayor and will sign up for the guard to protect her, his friends and his home.

The transcript of the first session, with the Mayor in attendance, can be found here.