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Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing Hunting Areas
Message #: 4357
Author: GS4-MESTYS
Date: 2/29/2008 12:48:30 AM
Subject: Krag Slopes/Minotaur Labyrinth Rehaul.

A number of creatures around the Wehntoph area in the region of Wehnimer's Landing have been updated. Krag dwellers, krag yetis, lesser minotaurs, minotaur magi, and minotaur warriors have all significantly increased in power and ability, spanning base levels of 70 to 78. Each of the creatures that were not previously governed by the Basic Critter System (BCS) were updated to utilize the system, and those that were already have been further enhanced.

Included in the update was the revealing of the new minotaur labyrinth, located off the western portion of the Upper Krag Slopes. The previous labyrinth has been cut off and will no longer be accessible. Those who wish to venture within would be wise to have a competent amount of Climbing skill.