Krag yeti

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Krag yeti
Level 70
Family Yeti family creatures
Body Type Biped
Classification(s) Living
Area(s) Found Wehntoph
HP 400
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Hairy hand 364 AS
Ensnare 383 - 386 AS
Closed fist 388 AS
Special Offensive Abilities
Arm Entrapment/Bear Hug Crushing
Ground slap
Defense Attributes
Brigandine Armor (natural) ASG 12N
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 287
Ranged 288
Bolt 283 - 308
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base 210 - 262
Cleric Base 198 - 219
Empath Base 260 - 266
Paladin Base 235 - 242
Ranger Base 230
Sorcerer Base 283
Wizard Base
Minor Elemental 297
Major Elemental 293 - 302
Minor Spiritual 266
Major Spiritual
Minor Mental
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin None
Other Tiny golden seed

A towering mound of fur that belies her swift blinding speed, the krag yeti is at home either in the sub-zero wasteland or on rocky mountain tops. The krag yeti's white fur allows an almost perfect blend with the natural surroundings, enabling the creature to move with uncommon stealth. Legendary strength and fury make her a formidable opponent for any who would cross her.

Hunting strategies

Try to be quick on your feet by having no encumbrance or very little as krag yetis have a maneuver attack that can kill you, example below:

A krag yeti swings its arms together in an attempt to trap you!  Encircled by the two massive arms, you are unable to slip out and are crushed between them. 
 Some vultite spiked augmented chain partially deflects the onslaught of the impact attack.
    ... 30 points of damage!
    Hard blow to your temple scrambles brain!

Also on occasion a successful hit can propel you into a nearby room and stun you:

A krag yeti swings a monstrous hairy hand at you!
   AS: +363 vs DS: +279 with AvD: +38 + d100 roll: +89 = +211
      ... and hits for 30 points of damage!
   Stomach shot lands with a hollow *thump*.

The impact of the yeti's blow rattles teeth and brain and sends you flying west!

[Upper Krag Slopes]
Across the surface of the hard-packed ground are signs that something was dragged up the incline to the northeast recently.  A visual search of the surrounding rocks reveals nothing more than a few tufts of fur.  You also see a krag yeti.
Obvious paths: northeast, east, southeast, southwest, west, northwest
You tumble several times and finally come to rest face down in the dirt.

Stunned for 6 rounds!

Other information

Krag yetis are similar to their big brother krag dweller in that they have moderately powerful physical attacks and a strong maneuver attack but no magic. However they are much softer than krag dweller, allowing elemental and nature magic to work quite well on them. They have no skin but do carry treasure. Their boxes are on the low end of toughness for their level. An oddity about the krag yeti is that they sometimes throw a boulder but appear untrained for this having only 10 AS when using this attack. Krag yeti may be stunned and do not appear to have a way to shake the stun.

Behind the scenes

Krag yeti were formerly level 10. In February 2008 they experienced an upward shift to their current level and were moved to their current location. For more information on the updates, please see the following saved posts:


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