Landing Events - 2022-09-03 - Great Debate 5122 (log)

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This log is from the Wehnimer's Landing Town Council Election 5122 Great Debate on 09/03/2022 from the viewpoint of Kayse Thaellian who is a candidate and also Town Crier reporter.

Imaerasta 03, 5122

[Moot Hall, Chamber of Justice - 19276] (u336304)
Two high-backed, elaborately carved chairs face the imposing, burnished oak bench where members of the official Town Council convene to decide matters of solemn importance.  A narrow stairway leads up to a low balcony that surrounds the chamber, providing ample seating for interested visitors to observe the proceedings.  You also see the Yardie disk, an amber-eyed tawny range wolf, the toy-stuffed Pookia disk, a resplendent obsidian black raven, a mushroom and potato cake, a thick disk of golden dwarf bread, a linen-covered rolling side table with some stuff on it and a modwir arch.
Also here: Dendum, Lord Sorlu who is hiding, Yardie, Pookia, Vaemyr, Kiyna, Soubrette Soliere
Obvious exits: none

Yardie introduces, "For those of you unfamiliar, I am called Yardie.  Like you, I am a citizen of the Landing who has a vested interest in the safety and security of the Landing.  Of course, every city has problems and dilemmas that affect the poor and rich alike.  That responsibility falls upon the Mayor, Thadston Andrews, to represent the town to the best of his ability."

You fold your wings across your back.

Yardie seriously says, "He will not undertake this task alone.  The Town Council, voted by you, the citizens of the Landing, appoints those interested in public service to solve many of her problems.  And as such, today is an opportunity to learn the candidates' platforms before you cast your vote."

Yardie warmly exclaims, "So please welcome your candidates for Town Council: Kayse, Kiyna, Pookia, and Vaemyr!"

Pookia hoots excitedly!

Pookia lets out a cheer!

Pookia lets out a cheer!

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Innez yell, "Hi!"

Vaemyr smiles.

Kayse smiles broadly.

(Kayse waves up at the balcony.)

Speaking to Pookia, Yardie whispers aloud, "They're supposed to cheer for you, not you cheering for your....nevermind."

Speaking to Yardie, Pookia asks, "Im cheering for everyone?"

Pookia lets out a cheer!

Yardie grins at Pookia.

Kiyna flashes a wide grin.

Yardie explains, "Each candidate will answer questions approved for this debate concerning the state of the Landing. They will address differences in opinions or give rebuttals should the answers call for them."

Yardie yells, "As an aside, for those of you in the balcony, be sure to follow along by giving a PEER at the AREA!"

You grin slowly.

Yardie continues, "The order of who receives questions will alternate to give all candidates a fair opportunity to prepare and answer with enough time."

Yardie concludes, "And so, without further ado, let's begin: The first question is as follows."

Question 1

Yardie politely states, "For those watching who may be unfamiliar with you as a candidate, I ll give you a few minutes to introduce yourself and explain a bit about your platform. Kiyna, had been selected at random to answer first."

Kiyna glances at Yardie.

Kiyna grins.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Cryheart yell, "Remember, you have witnesses in he balcony!"


Kiyna says, "Alright..."

Kiyna clears her throat.

Kiyna begins, "Hello, everyone. I'm Kiyna Zetaya, lifelong resident of Wehnimer's Landing and candidate for Town Council."

Kiyna admits, "This town is a part of me. My foundations rest here as assuredly as every building's cornerstone. Even so, I never expected I would be here, running as a representative of its people. But here I am."

Kiyna says, "I think it's important to acknowledge the incredible progress that's already been made. I wish that the Wellington Home had been there for me when I was a child, living homeless on our streets."

Kiyna says, "We owe it to those who made those strides to keep the momentum going. To that end, I have plans as councilor to create a program for new apprenticeships in everything from fishing to artisanry."

Kiyna adds, "I also hope to begin the process to construct a new schoolhouse in the Landing. Ideally, more children learning, less children wandering about the mountains and castle ruins."

Kiyna sighs.

Kiyna shakes her head.

Kiyna grins.

Kiyna says, "Additionally, I will be pushing for the drafting of laws that protect the citizens of the Landing from its own government, improvements to the town's defenses, and the deepening of our relationships with our neighbors."

Kiyna says, "These are hardly the extent of my interests or concerns, but they are some of the issues that are dear to me. I hope to work closely with my fellow councilors, to create a sense of unity that many feel has been lacking in recent times. Thank you."

Yardie grins at Kiyna.

Kiyna bows.

Kiyna nods at Yardie.


Speaking to you, Yardie says, "Kayse, same question, please."

Soliere points at you!

You smile at Yardie.

Soliere winks.

(Kayse takes a few small steps forward and turns her gaze up to the balcony. Flashing a bright smile, she clearly speaks, "Wehnimer's Landing citizens, allies, and defenders...")

You charmingly introduce, "For those who do not know me I am Kayse Thaellian. I have many responsibilities inside and outside the wooden palisades of Wehnimer's."

Inclining your head, you lift your right hand in greeting, the motion drawing attention to the helical zydris branchlets on your right index finger.

You thoughtfully say, "From an outside perspective Wehnimer's at its core reflects many traits in my mind: Independence, resilience, and opportunity."

You proudly remark, "Wehnimer's has come to hold a special place in my heart. It is the town I have connected with many of my colleagues and closest friends. It is the walls I have defended for eight years against Blameless, krolvin and other enemies."

You mention, "It is the place, I first discovered how much faith I really had in my Arkati. It is the destination I always want to go back to, even if I have just left the North Gate. It is the location where I recognized my purpose and found my voice."

You fondly disclose, "A town that gave me independence, resilience and opportunity. That I look forward to giving back to as much as it has given me."

You proudly inform, "My platform helps ensure hope and prepare for the unexpected. As Wehnimer's is a town that repeatedly experiences tragedy--yet always rises above the pain to persevere."

You idly flick your oval niveous-veined sparkling champagne wings for a few moments and sleekly rest them against your back.

You determinedly continue, "It consists of four initiatives." Kayse holds up four fingers and ticks them off as she mentions, "Town Defense/Recovery, Trade, Arts/Culture, and Beautification Efforts."

Kayse smiles confidently as she makes eye contact with those in the balcony.

You effuse, "As a brief overview, these causes will offer solutions to increase protection within our walls; build trade relations and up imports and exports; expand our cultural programs and bring more books into the library; and help preserve our natural resources."

You note, "These topics are not the extent of passions or things I advocate for, but are causes I believe would help Wehnimer's in the foreseeable future."

You incline your head.

You earnestly explain, "All four initiatives would require small committees to work together with the town council. Appointing people to tasks, roles and groups to work together."

You passionately conclude, "These causes are of equal importance to me. My platform is an example of hearing and listening to our citizens', allies', and defenders' concerns and voicing them to create a stronger and unified Wehnimer's Landing."

(Kayse takes a few graceful steps backward, her wings sweeping behind her.)

You nod once at Yardie.

Yardie nods to you.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Innez yell, "Dog next, please!"

Vaemyr chuckles.


Yardie says, "Pookia, same question, please."

Pookia beams!

Yardie glances at a lazy wild dark red dog.

Soliere points at Pookia.

Yardie glances at an amber-eyed tawny range wolf.

Soliere winks at a lazy wild dark red dog.

Yardie sighs.

Pookia states, "Im pookia, militia member and landing citizen!"

Pookia says, "My platform is "lifes a tree, lets jump together". my reasoning being that if everyone jumped from the tree together right now, we would all be okay."

Pookia says, "Everyone who got injured or hurt on the way down could be healed by those that weren't. we're made stronger through supporting one another."

Pookia nods once.

Pookia exclaims, "I hope to end the murder of wildlife outside the town gates, decriminalize explosions in the east tower, and provide safety for those who life in the town!"

Pookia says, "Thats it, thats what i got."

Pookia nods at Yardie.

Pookia nods.

Yardie nods at Pookia.


Yardie says, "Finally, Vaemyr. Question is yours."

Vaemyr nods.

Soliere points at Vaemyr.

Vaemyr says, "Well I'm Vaemyr, I've been a citizen for a long while. I've run for councilor before, and my opinions haven't changed too much over the year."

Vaemyr says, "To clear something up since apparently some didn't know, over the past year I joined to Darkstone Bay consortium, in order to try and help influence some of it's resources in helping the town." ture.

Yardie nods understandingly.

Vaemyr says, "But that I do consider to be a minor part of what I'd like to do, altogether I think we try to all solve the same problem 10 different ways too many times. Our strength, resources, and efforts would go so much further if we could just work together, Mayor, Council, Militia, Rooks, Consortium, Adventurers, and all else who wish well for this town."

Vaemyr says, "There are things I'd love to accomplish, from education improvements to defense cooperations, but what I can assure you all is that I will always be open to answer questions and have open communication."

Vaemyr says, "I plan to help hold regular town hall meetings for town citizens to come and help voice concerns and opinions over things like, the armiger situation, impending threats like Grishom Stone, and about potential improvement projects and suggestions. It's with everyone's help and cooperation that I think united, we can make a better Wehnimer's Landing."

Vaemyr nods at Yardie.

Soliere smiles.

Pookia applauds.

Kiyna smiles at Vaemyr.

Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie says, "Thank you. We'll proceed with our second question, so take a deep breath as you will answer that first."

Soliere pours herself a shot of aged single-malt whiskey.

Soliere turns toward Yardie and renders a sharp salute with her single-malt whiskey.

Vaemyr chuckles.

Question 2

Yardie begins, "Question 2. Weeks ago, we were informed of the rescinding of Chaston's Edict, which has always been marred by controversy due to its harshness and bigoted motives. A day later, the Landing endured an attack opposing the rescinding, costing countless lives and creating civil unrest."

Soliere points at Vaemyr.

Soliere takes a drink from her single-malt whiskey.

You take a moment to observe everything you can about Yardie.

Yardie inquires, "What is your position on the rescinding, and how do you hope to ensure the safety of the Landing? What do you make of the relationship between the Landing and the Turamzzyrian Empire?"

Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie says, "Floor is yours, Vaemyr."


Vaemyr says, "My position is pretty easy, bout darn time."

Yardie chuckles.

Vaemyr says, "As far as our defense, we'll do what we need, we all stood together the whole town that night to fight off the blameless."

Vaemyr says, "Obviously we may need to obtain a bit more of the salve to allow our weapons to work better agains them."

Vaemyr says, "And I'll support that effort so that all our defenders are well prepared if they dare attack us again."

Vaemyr says, "I also think having allies amongs the Empire like Bourthe and Hendor do well for us in both our prosperity and mutal defense."

Vaemyr says, "And I certainly think the repeal, is a perfect opportunity to strengthen those ties."

Vaemyr nods at Yardie.

Soliere smiles.


Speaking to Pookia, Yardie says, "Pookia, do you share the same sentiments as Vaemyr? Same question."

Pookia ponders.

Soliere points at Pookia.

Pookia says, "Well as far as the edict goes. anything that allows any race or class to set up shop wherever they can afford to is a universal good, to me."

Pookia says, "And those that would oppose it would definitely have morals that i disagree with, i took part in fighting off the blameless last night."

Pookia adds, "We were super organized that night and fought em off swiftly, so i dont think defenses are a problem."

Pookia nods at Yardie.

Yardie nods at Pookia.

Pookia rubs her etched militia badge.

Soliere smiles.


Speaking to you, Yardie says, "Kayse, same question, please."

You nod briefly at Yardie.

Soliere points at you!

Soliere nods.

(Kayse rolls her shoulders back to straighten her posture, her face painted in a pensive expression.)

You agree, "I believe the repeal of Chaston's Edict was long over due. I am looking forward to the opportunities it will bring within the Empire for those of elven descent. How this will only strength us and unite us even more moving forward."

You recall, "As I mentioned earlier, the key initiative within my platform is town defense. Improvements that are needed within our town as well as a war council to prepare for any threats. Our enemies grow stronger and develop complex magic, armies, and tactics beyond our means often."

You firmly disclose, "I have fought the Blameless before--years ago. We have the means to fight them again. As Vaemyr mentioned with the anti-everblood salve. In this case, we are prepared for the enemy and know how to handle them shall they attack again."

You observe, "Regarding the Empire--there has been much controversy at times with Imperials. The Hendoran outpost has been a part of the town's environment for years now. They have been by our side through many obstacles and problems. I think we have continued to build a good relationship with Hendor, Bourth as well as our friends in Vornavis."

You add, "I think we can embrace our allies and still continue to hold the freedom that Wehnimer's is known for."

You nod once at Yardie.


Yardie asks, "Thank you. Finally, Kiyna. Thoughts on the Edict and as a follow up to the statements of Vaemyr and Kayse, do you think the town ready to combat the Blameless?"

Kiyna grins at Yardie.

Soliere points at Kiyna.

Kiyna cheerfully says, "The rescinding of Chaston's Edict has been a long time coming, and I'm not alone when I loudly, exuberantly celebrate its demise."

Kiyna cautiously advises, "There will always be those who oppose change, who oppose us, but we can't allow them to discourage our progress. We remain vigilant."

Kiyna says, "I tend to agree with the sentiments of my fellow candidates here. We have numerous friends in the Empire. We can build on that friendship using the Blameless. They have tried to strike us in retribution, but they will more than likely find they have only made us stronger."

Kiyna nods at Yardie.

Kiyna affirms, "Simple question, simple answer."

Soliere smiles.

Pookia smirks.

Soliere pours herself a shot of aged single-malt whiskey.

Pookia Follow Up

Yardie asks, "Thank you, and Pookia, the next question commences with you, but as a follow up, do you think the Landing is prepared to tackle the Blameless?"

Soliere faces a narrow stairway and renders a sharp salute with her single-malt whiskey.

Soliere takes a drink from her single-malt whiskey.

Yardie says, "I'll give you a moment to address that, since the other candidates did echo similar I wanted to provide that chance to you."

Soliere points at Pookia.

Speaking to Yardie, Pookia exclaims, "As long as we have salve, we're prepared!"

Speaking to Yardie, Pookia says, "Like kayse said we're really well equipped defense wise. as long as we have the tools for the job im confident we can protect the town."

Pookia nods at Yardie.

You nod firmly at Pookia.

Kiyna agrees with Pookia.

Vaemyr nods.

Speaking to Pookia, Yardie says, "Fair enough. So far this has been pretty tame. Lots of agreements. I hope to challenge that with this question."

You ponder the meaning of Yardie's existence.

Pookia slowly empties her lungs.

Soliere exclaims, "Loves all dis agreement.. but time fer da spice!"

Soliere hiccups!

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Dendum yell, "Someone stop the Yardie from creating Discord."

Question 3

Yardie says, "'Question 3. Throughout the Landing, Amos has been a controversial figure. The first Town Council sought to have him removed, earning the ire of Mayor Andrews. What are your thoughts on Amos and the Darkstone Bay Consortium? Pookia, I'll add that since you're the ONLY candidate NOT a member of the Consortium, your answer is a rather curious one. Proceed, please."

Yardie nods at Pookia.

Soliere yells, "I brung me whip!"

Yardie glances at Soliere and shivers.

Soliere winks at Yardie.

Soliere appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Soliere points at Pookia.

Speaking to Soliere, Yardie whispers aloud, "Bad memories with whips."

Yardie shivers.

Pookia ponders.

Soliere rubs Yardie gently.


Speaking to Yardie, Pookia says, "I barely know amos. i havent had any personal dealings with him becuase im not money motivated. i see him as like a landlord. and i pay my rent on time."

Pookia exclaims, "He owns half the town. im not gonna avoid him!"

Pookia nods at Yardie.

Speaking to Pookia, Yardie says, "Thank you."

Soliere nods.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Tibs yell, "Yardie ask them if they support a new Tavern being opened!"

You gaze in amusement at a narrow stairway.

Pookia yells, "Not a literal landlord! im using metaphor!"

Vaemyr chuckles.

Soliere grins.


Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie asks, "Your question, but let me add this point. Pookia made an interesting point. She said, that she's not money motivated. As a person who might be...making a profit, I pose the same question and add this. Is it wrong to make money when in public service?"

Pookia snickers.

Vaemyr ponders.

Soliere looks thoughtfully at Yardie.

Soliere ponders.

Soliere points at Vaemyr.

Vaemyr says, "Well, first of Amos, he's a merchant, he cares about profits. I think this is fairly obvious to anyone whom talks with him for more than a few moments."

Vaemyr says, "This is good and bad, as sometimes he sees things in one light such as wanting to potentially make money off the Scroll and Lark Morgil incident, but othertimes is good, as he spent a great deal of resources in helping us retrieve Kharusa and protect the town from the Krolvin as well."

Vaemyr says, "I decided to work with him with a very firm condition that we had when we talked with each other in private. That as long as he truly wishes for the prosperity and improvement of Wehnimer's Landing then I would be more than happy to work with him."

Vaemyr says, "If I think that changes? Then we'll see what happens from there."

Yardie steeples his fingers together as he glances at Vaemyr.

Vaemyr says, "As far as profit, I don't really wish to use the position of town councilor for personal profit."

Vaemyr says, "I hope that I can stick firmly to my beliefs and morals and that any decisions I make will be for the town as a whole, not for my personal benefit."

Vaemyr says, "In the end that's still why I joined the consortium, to hopefully help use their resources and profits for the betterment of our town."

Vaemyr nods at Yardie.


Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie asks, "Same question with a bit of a fusion of that point. Vaemyr doesn't wish to use it for personal profit, Pookia says she's not money motivated. You and Candidate Kayse have involvement in not one but two business. Same question, but that wrinkle. Should candidates venture towards money making in public service?"

Kiyna takes a drink from her hot chocolate.

Kiyna ponders.

Soliere points at Kiyna.

(Kiyna steps forward.)

Kiyna states, "Firstly, the Consortium is not going anywhere. Those who haven't yet made peace with that, should. There has been demonstrable improvement to the wealth, trade, and prosperity in the town since they began operation."

Kiyna says, "However, it's because they have such power that they should be scrutinized carefully. This goes for Amos as much as it goes for anyone who leads the Consortium, who controls large swathes of people and wealth."

Kiyna says, "As a member of the organization myself, I intend to look upon it with a harsh eye. If Amos does good for the town, I will profess it as such. If he brings harm, I will denounce him myself. To his face, most likely. He, and anyone in his position, should expect no less."

Kiyna blinks.

Kiyna muses, "To denounce him to his face, I may require a box..."

Kiyna waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

You smirk at Kiyna.

Vaemyr begins chuckling at Kiyna!

Pookia covers her mouth and chortles away behind her hand.

Kiyna ponders.

Kiyna says, "On the matter of profit, to clear such things up, I do not even know if councilor is a paid position. If it is, I will refuse any such payment."

Kiyna shrugs.

Kiyna says, "Enough talk of corruption is leveled at anyone who dares assume public office in the Landing. I don't need any such threads to pull on."

Kiyna nods at Yardie.

Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie asks, "Before I go to Kayse....can we quote you on that? In public? In front of everyone here? If it is a paid position, you will refuse payment?"

Soliere waves at a narrow stairway.

Kiyna nods firmly at Yardie.

Soliere bounces around happily.

Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie says, "Thank you."


Speaking to you, Yardie asks, "Same question, but again, this is a peculiar one for you. Two business, and you've always been one who does a lot of dealings and negotiations. From my readings at Someone who speaks many languages...and other things. Same question, and I add this. Should the citizens trust you to put their interest over yours? Will you make a similiar declaration as Kiyna did just now?"

Soliere points at you!

Yardie quietly confesses, "I've been...practicing reading."

You nod approvingly at Yardie.

(Kayse takes a step forward, her gaze downward as she collects her thoughts. As she raises her head, her eyes shine brightly as she addresses the balcony.)

You admit, "I probably have the closest relationship with Amos due to the fact my organization is a part of the Darkstone Bay Consortium. I am also one of Amos' fireflies."

Pookia steeples her fingers together, quietly observing her surroundings.

You evenly observe, "From what I have experienced of Amos since I returned from my travels and working closely with him--he has done nothing ill for the town that has been proven. I have seen the man bring warships to fight off krol. I have witnessed him fight at the side of our denizens and Mayor when armigers went rogue. I have heard him speak and lay plans to bring prosperity to Wehnimer's Landing--to see it grow and flourish as it is meant to."

You amusedly comment, "Is he motivated by coin and his own needs? Of course, but as Vaemyr stated he is a merchant. And I don't see Larton or Dakris acting much differently."

You state, "In my mind, Amos is guilty when there is evidence to prove he is. Until then, I am not sure of the animosity that constantly hounds him. But if he is found guilty, I am also willing to go on record I have no problem breaking my ties personally and business wise if that is ever the case."

You ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

You thoughtfully articulate, "As far as the consortium itself, it is an organization I believe strongly in. The previous council approved a bazaar that will increase tourism, jobs and wealth within Wehnimer's. The headquarters for the consortium will only create more jobs as well. Opportunities to bring dignities from other cities into Wehnimer's and expand its reach from west to east."

You correct, "Dignitaries."

You note, "There is a board within the consortium that votes. They kept Amos from auctioning off the formula just months ago. There are checks and balances in place to control the power."

You passionately respond, "I am not running for town council to make profit. I am here before you today..." Kayse surveys the balcony, "to move my passion for Wehnimer's as a town and make it prosperous. Prosperity has always meant numerous things to me. Not only is it material wealth for the town but the betterment of everything within it."

You emphasize, "Starting by keeping it safe."

Pookia rubs her chin thoughtfully. . You firmly say, "My business dealings are separate from the service of town councilor. I do not want or need payment for giving back to my home."

You nod once at Yardie.

Soliere smiles.

Speaking to you, Yardie asks, "So you're also on record in saying the same as Kiyna, yes?"

Pookia grins.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Lylia yell, "Do they need to sign in blood? I think we have heard it 'on record.'!"

Speaking to Yardie, you say, "That is what I said. I did not even think this was a paid position."

You glance at a narrow stairway.

You chuckle.

Kiyna nods approvingly to you.

Pookia says, "I dont think anyone did."

Soliere winks at a narrow stairway.

Pookia grumbles.

Pookia looks at a narrow stairway and cheers!

Yardie says, "I like clarity for clarities sake, a blood signature isn't necessary."

You wryly tease, "Careful mentioning blood, we might summon Stone."

Vaemyr starts chuckling at you!

Speaking to you, Yardie says, "I'll stay with you to as the next question."

Question 4

Speaking to you, Yardie begins, "'Question 4. A riot transpired concerning the release of Tyrrax, a krolivn involved in the ordeal concerning the Blue Suffer, a rumored biological weapon meant to eradicate the krolvin. After careful deliberation, jurors decided to release him without a trial. This incident led to civil unrest throughout the Landing, with some for and some against the decision."

You nod rhythmically at Yardie.

Soliere points at you!

Speaking to you, Yardie repeats, "Taking that into consideration, which do you value more: The tough decision that may contrast what your constituents may desire or following the will of the people you serve?"

You nod understandingly at Yardie.

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Dumple yell, "Here here!"

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Dumple yell, "And what of the murders!?"


(Kayse laces her hands in front of her.)

Yardie says, "I'll ask the audience to refrain from shouting, please...I will do my best to address those concerns."

You stress, "I think as leaders sometimes we have to make hard decisions. And unfortunately, they are not always popular ones."

You reason, "Sometimes we may be able to provide a balance, but in truth not everyone will always be happy with the outcome."

Pookia nods slowly.

You recall, "In this case, a trial didn't really take place but every juror was still able to cast their opinion regarding the situation. They were still able to vote on what would be decided. No one went above each other. I was actually proud of the creative problem solving our city took."

You add, "We worked together and found a solution to benefit a majority of the population."

You admit, "Personally, I will always weigh both sides when making a decision. I think that is the benefit of having a team of councilors to work with the Mayor. So we can take the majority's best interests at heart."

You take a few steps back.

You nod once at Yardie.

Soliere smiles.

Speaking to you, Yardie says, "Thank you for your answer, if time permits, I do want to follow up on that vote."

You nod almost imperceptibly at Yardie.


Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie says, "But I'll move to you to respond. That night was a brutal night. The Landing is not a place where unanimous decisions take place. This was no different. And there was...blood. Same question, and I want to get your thoughts on that decision concerning the release." " Soliere points at Kiyna.

Kiyna closes her eyes for a moment.

Kiyna slowly says, "I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to be a councilor."

You agree with Kiyna.

Kiyna says, "Watching our previous councilors, it seemed as though it's the fastest way to get just about everyone to hate you."

Yardie nods at Kiyna.

You smile at Soliere.

Soliere smiles at you.

Kiyna thoughtfully says, "I've realized that that's because the actions of the councilors are the actions of the citizens... or so they'll see it."

Kiyna frowns.

Kiyna admits, "I can't be everyone. I can't even be most people."

Kiyna says, "We had a difficult decision to make. I made the decision I thought was right, and I still believe it was right."

You nod encouragingly at Kiyna.

Soliere smiles at Kiyna.

Kiyna says, "That others disagreed I can be happy with. That they disagreed with a small but violent revolt, and the tips of their weapons? Unexcusable."

Kiyna says, "It's exactly this sort of... bitter division that I hope we can go some way to mending."

Kiyna says, "I will endeavor to be as receptive to everyone's ideas as I can."

Kiyna nods at Yardie.

Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie says, "Thank you."


Speaking to Pookia, Yardie says, "Pookia, you were out there as well. Manning the cannons with the other Knuckleheads, yes? Same question, please."

Soliere points at Pookia.

Pookia corrects, "First of all, ballistas."

Soliere pours herself a shot of aged single-malt whiskey.

You glance at Pookia and unsuccessfully try to stifle your grin.

Speaking to Pookia, Yardie says, "Ballistas."

Kiyna snickers.

Vaemyr grins.

Pookia says, "Secondly, i support the descsion one hundred percent. it was about time to try something different."

Yardie quietly says, "I'm not too proud to be corrected."

Pookia nods at Yardie.

Soliere gazes fondly at Yardie.

Speaking to Pookia, Yardie asks, "Thank you. Nothing else to add? You agreed with the vote?"

Pookia says, "I wanted to spare tyraxx from the beginning, of course i agreed."

Speaking to Pookia, Yardie says, "Bold, considering the history of the krolvin. Thank you."

Pookia says, "Like i said. time for something different."

Pookia nods at Yardie.


Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie says, "Vaemyr, same question. And then I'll come back to Kayse for an opportunity for clarification on that vote."

Soliere points at Vaemyr.

Soliere smacks her lips.

Vaemyr says, "Well, I wasn't on that jury, but I think it was fairly appointed, they all came to a decision that they believed would be best for the town."

Vaemyr asks, "I'm not sure I agreed with it, but I accept it and understand it, how could we ask tens, hundreds of more people to sacrifice themselves against the Krolvin to just punish one person, when we had a way to end it there?"

Vaemyr says, "Obviously some disagreed, with our Blood Marshal Queen, and the Blue Hand Traitor company."

Vaemyr chuckles to himself.

You smirk at Vaemyr.

Pookia cackles!

You dryly remark, "We have very creative citizens."

Vaemyr says, "But I do believe someone actually helped organize those problems behind the scenes, to destabilize our town."

Vaemyr agrees with you.

Vaemyr says, "We do however need to continue to help unite citizens and members when those tough decisions that have to be made, to try and prevent those trageties from happening again."

Vaemyr says, "That, even if there are disagreements, we can still all try to agree to solidity of our town."

Soliere raises her fist defiantly.

Pookia beams broadly at Soliere!

Kiyna smiles at Soliere.

Speaking to Vaemyr, Soliere exclaims, "Solidity!!"

Soliere hoots.

Vaemyr says, "With that, if Tyrrax does become a threat again in the future, I won't blame that jury, but I will help unite our town and stand with them again even greater than before."

Vaemyr nods at Yardie.

Kiyna nods approvingly at Vaemyr.

Pookia nods in agreement.

Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie asks, "Considering that I have a half-krolvin in the same situation, I empathize. But I'm going to press you on a point. Care to share a name as to the saboteur behind the scenes?"

Pookia pours herself a tall glass of sweet iced tea.

Speaking to you, Yardie says, "And then I'll give you a moment to clear a point before moving on to the next question."

You raise an eyebrow in Yardie's direction.

Soliere raises an eyebrow in Yardie's direction.

Speaking to Yardie, Vaemyr says, "I don't have a name, I wish I did, I believe it may have been the so called "Shrike" mentioned in Praxopius's notes."

Speaking to Yardie, Vaemyr says, "They would have ample reason to be at arms with Amos, and thus our town."

Vaemyr says, "Based on what we learned there."

Vaemyr nods at Yardie.

Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie says, "Thank you."

Kiyna takes a drink from her hot chocolate.

You fold your wings across your back.

Kayse Follow Up

Speaking to you, Yardie says, "On that evening, I remember the Marshal receiving a lot of did you. We know you two are friends. But in any line of work, friends does not equate to business making. There have been accusations of collusion. In the interest of fairness, I would like to give you that opportunity to set the record straight, especially with the shouts of murders from up the balcony."

Soliere agrees with Yardie.

You curiously ask, "Did I miss the shouts of murder?"

You take a few steps in a small circle.

Speaking to you, Soliere says, "Dere was a shout aye."

You mention, "First off, I was not on the jury, but the vote to release Tyrrax is something I still would stand by."

Yardie nods at Soliere.

Soliere nods to you.

You honestly say, "I do believe Marshal Stormyrain received a lot more pushback than I did. I believe the chants of the 'Blue Hand Traitor Company' were because two of my employees were on the jury."

Yardie blinks at you.

You note, "The jury was picked by citizens, stewards and the Mayor himself."

You say, "As far as the Marshal and I being friends--this is true, but both of us are able to agree and disagree on many points. We are able to act official and put aside our friendship for the betterment of the town. I'm not sure where these accusations of collusion have come from."

You say, "I am not sure what to say on the matter if there are no facts and evidence beyond that."

You nod once at Yardie.

Speaking to you, Yardie says, "Thank you for that."

Speaking quietly to a lazy wild dark red dog, Soliere says, "Patience patience..."

Vaemyr grins.

Kiyna grins at Soliere.

Speaking to a lazy wild dark red dog, Yardie asks, "Did you want to answer as well?"

Speaking to an amber-eyed tawny range wolf, Yardie asks, "What about you, Wawa?"

Yardie shrugs.

Soliere smiles and peers inquisitively. The dog lifts its head toward Yardie and goes "Woof! Ruff Ruff RUFF! WOO-woof! The wolf just howls.

Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie says, "Moving on to question 5."

Yardie glances at Soliere.

Yardie snickers.

Soliere winks at Yardie.

Vaemyr nods at Yardie.

Question 5

Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie asks, "Question 5. Mayor Thadston Andrews is considered by many to be a polarizing figure. What are your thoughts on the current Mayor, and how will you work together?"

Soliere grins at Kiyna.

Soliere points at Vaemyr.

Kiyna glances at Soliere.


Vaemyr says, "Well, Thadston has honestly done a better job at mayor than I thought he would."

Vaemyr chuckles.

Vaemyr says, "He's an expert tactician and tends to be level headed, when he can avoid Helga's, which from all things it seems has been the case for the past year."

Vaemyr says, "Sure he gets uhh... "ANGRY"."

Yardie raises an eyebrow in Vaemyr's direction.

Vaemyr says, "Especially in battle, but even that hasn't been as much the case, and he has done a ton to help this town."

Vaemyr says, "And I respect him immensely for everything he's sacrificed."

Vaemyr nods at Yardie.


Speaking to Pookia, Yardie asks, "Same question, Pookia. Thoughts on Mayor Andrews?"

Soliere points at Pookia.

Pookia ponders.

Pookia says, "Well for one, the mayor is jacked. completely caked out. muscled up. toned. and i thought he was all pushups and hot temper."

You can offer Pookia only a blank expression.

Pookia says, "But he surprised me! hes really putting that energy into useful avenues. see him fighting tyraxx."

Kiyna blinks at Pookia.

Pookia says, "Im looking forward to working with him."

Pookia nods at Yardie.


Speaking to you, Yardie asks, "Same to you. How do you feel about Mayor Andrews?"

Yardie nods at Pookia.

Soliere points at you!

(Kayse rolls up the sleeves of her cotton shirt as she takes a few steps forward.)

You tease, "I think the Mayor's temper will continue to keep our glass makers and furniture artisans employed for quite some time. Which will be quite good for the town."

Vaemyr laughs!

Pookia cackles!

Kiyna snickers at you!

You wave your hand in a dismissive gesture.

Soliere appears to be trying hard not to grin.

You seriously remark, "I have always respected Thadston Andrews. I have to catch myself some times to not call him Sir. He is a fighter, a natural leader and he has done quite a bit for this town."

You admit, "I did feel his presence during the recent krol attack was rather absent, but I am unsure if he had other matters."

You add, "And the acts of the previous council at that time upset him as well."

Kiyna nods knowingly to you.

You sincerely conclude, "He has made mistakes but all of us do, but he always has the well being of Wehnimer's in his mind. That is all we can truly ask for when it comes to leading and making decisions for this town."

You nod once at Yardie.

Speaking amusedly to you, Yardie adds, "You forgot the mention the local healers who will benefit from those rained upon with glass shards. But thank you for the answer."

You offer, "No one has been hurt."

Pookia frowns.

Vaemyr nods to you.

You smile at Pookia.

Speaking to you, Yardie adds, "Accidents happen, but let's hope not."

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Lylia yell, "And he keeps the glaziers busy!"

Kiyna glances at a narrow stairway and grins.

Pookia looks at a narrow stairway and cheers!

You announce, "A prosperous Wehnimer's already!"


Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie asks, "Same question, and a quick add, do you feel he was absent as Kayse did?"

Kiyna ponders.

Kiyna admits, "I don't believe I'm as well versed in the history of Mayor Andrews as some others are, to start."

Pookia flexes her muscles.

Soliere nods slowly at Kiyna.

Kiyna asserts, "However, everything I've seen of the man has shown him to be eminently admirable, and I believe he has done an excellent job as Mayor."

Kiyna says, "As to his relative absence in our dealings with the krol, if my memory serves... near the beginning of the incident, there was substantial interest in negotiating with this krolvin warlord, which I am told is somewhat unprecedented."

Kiyna says, "In the service of our diplomacy, Mayor Andrews insisted that we do the meeting with him, and relay any suggestions, demands, or offers made to him."

Kiyna says, "I believe this is because Thadston knew he was a poor choice of diplomat for this particular venture, and I happened to see that as rather wise of him."

Kiyna says, "When it came to the defense of the town, he fought on the front lines with our best."

Kiyna nods at Yardie.

Kiyna ponders.

Kiyna says, "Although, I will add, actually."

Yardie says, "This will be our last question before closing remarks. Pookia you'll answer this one."

Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie says, "Go ahead."

Soliere points at Kiyna.

Kiyna says, "Just as I said with Amos, people in positions of power must answer to a higher standard of behavior. If Thadston is to misstep in the future, I will not hesitate to call him out for it."

Yardie nods understandingly at Kiyna.

Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie says, "Thank you."

Yardie says, "And that was for the record, Imperatrix, no blood is needed."

Question 6

Speaking to Pookia, Yardie asks, "Question 6. What do you think about the Rooks? Do you think they are necessary for the safety and security of the Landing, or do you find them an unnecessary group of vigilantes that circumvented the law with their rumored smuggling?"

Soliere points at Pookia.

Yardie states, "Closing remarks will follow this question. I hope to have you all out by a little after midnight."


Speaking to Yardie, Pookia says, "I have never encountered, talked to, or heard a rook. ive only heard about them in passing conversation. i wasnt involved, so i dont know."

Pookia shrugs at Yardie.

Pookia nods at Yardie.

Soliere nods at Pookia.


Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie says, "Same question, Vaemyr."

Soliere points at Vaemyr.

Vaemyr ponders.

Vaemyr says, "Well, I've had a lot of dealings with them from the past, to some more recent."

Vaemyr says, "I believe that the majority joined them due to circumstance and seeing little other choices left to them."

Vaemyr says, "That was our failing as a town."

Vaemyr says, "In the past they were honestly fairly horrible, responsible for terrible acts against many, their more recent leadership under Casiphia has been more tame."

Vaemyr says, "They have supported us many times in defense, and overall seem to be more helpful than in the past."

Vaemyr says, "However... they haven't mended all their ways, I took an arrow to the neck from a rook assasin not too long ago, whom should still be punished for their crimes."

From up on a narrow stairway, you hear Dendum yell, "Empath did good work can hardly tell!"

Kiyna nods in agreement at Vaemyr.

Soliere winks at a narrow stairway.

Vaemyr says, "I want to state, that as long as they wish to work with us, I'm willing to work with any citizens of our town, but if they dare to return to their old ways, of assasinations, exortion, robbery? Then they should be brought to justice."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you counter, "Why would they just attack you?"

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "You would have to ask them that."

Kiyna glances between Vaemyr and yourself.

Kiyna takes a drink from her hot chocolate.

Vaemyr says, "To this day I do not know, however I have asked Mayor Thadston to officially investigate that incident."

Vaemyr says, "So I believe that at some point it will come to resolution."

Vaemyr nods at Yardie.


Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie asks, "Same question, Kiyna. Rooks. Yay or nay?"

Kiyna gives a sidelong glance at Yardie.

Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie whispers aloud, "Trying to haste inquiries here."

Kiyna states, "Whether I think the Rooks are necessary or not is entirely irrelevant."

Kiyna says, "They will exist, and will return, so long as they see themselves as necessary."

Kiyna muses, "I tend to agree with Vaemyr. In their current... shall we say, incarnation, they have been more help than harm."

Vaemyr nods.

Pookia rocks back on her heels.

Kiyna says, "If you wish to get rid of the Rooks, you will not have to resolve the failings that led them to take up arms."

Kiyna says, "You will have to resolve their perception of those failings."

Kiyna shakes her head.

Kiyna says, "I don't know of anyone who's figured out a way to do that."

Kiyna says, "In the meantime, we can only try to work with them when we can, and caution them against any acts reminiscent of their old ways."

Kiyna nods at Yardie.


Speaking to you, Yardie says, "Same question, and then we'll go into closing remarks."

(Kayse takes some steps forward as she smiles slightly and glances up at the balcony.)

Soliere points at you!

You reflectively observe, "The Rooks, I believe, have been the most controversial topic of Wehnimer's in all my time here."

You mention, "Like many organizations, they have undergone different leadership. Their tactics and ways of solving problems have changed. Not all leadership has been successful and not all tactics have been lawful. Though I wish to judge them in their current state and I agree they are a necessity to our town."

You divulge, "Many people wish the Rooks would disappear. That we should wipe them out. But I believe the Rooks are more than just people--citizens of our town."

You measuredly express, "They are an ideal. They represent freedom and protecting Wehnimer's. You could dispose, lock up and take away every Rook in this town."

You steadily continue, "But you will never kill freedom or the want to protect it for that is truly what makes up the heart of Wehnimer's Landing."

You nod once at Yardie.

Yardie says, "We'll get into closing remarks at this time. Again, I thank you all for your time and consideration and I know the citizens here do too."

Kiyna nods to you.

Closing Statements

Yardie says, "As a final question, please give the audience your final thoughts on why they should vote for you and whether you all can work together."


Speaking to Pookia, Yardie says, "Pookia. I'll commence with you."

Soliere smiles at Yardie.

Pookia says, "I believe that most people have their minds already made up before even showing up to these things, so i appreciate anyone who isnt here for me that listened to what i have to say."

Kiyna smiles at Pookia.

Pookia says, "Whatever happens. i believe this council can do well."

Pookia exclaims, "As far as im concerned, ya either beleive in the knuckleheads or ya dont!"

Pookia lets out a cheer!

Pookia hollers, "Knuckleheads forever!" As if remembering her manners at the last moment, Pookia dips into a hurried curtsy.

Pookia says, "Gotta go."

Pookia just went through a modwir arch.

You glance over your shoulder at a modwir arch.

Kiyna glances at a modwir arch.


Speaking to you, Yardie says, "Your turn, Kayse."

(Kayse strides forward and gazes up at the balcony.)

You confess, "When I first considered running, I doubted myself. What could I contribute to Wehnimer's? Why would I want to do this?"

Soliere smiles.

You disclose, "I sketched out a platform before I even committed to running. Reflecting upon what was important to me when it came to Wehnimer's Landing."

You simply recall, "I thought about Sir Guarrin addressing his list of improvements for town defense; I remembered Lylia and Xorus campaigning for more imports and exports; and Perigourd reminding me that too much harvesting of our natural resources can lead to a barren planet--like I experienced back on Bre'Naere."

You firmly say, "These moments and discussions as a regular denizen made me realize I had already begun listening and that perhaps this is how I could formulate my campaign."

You remind, "As I said, my platform will take all of us to complete and help better the town. If anything I said resonated with you, I hope you will cast your vote for me or someone else down on this floor that did. I believe we will all work hard together to make a more prosperous Wehnimer's Landing."

You appreciatively say, "Thank you for your time this evening."

You take a few steps back.

Kiyna smiles at you.


Speaking to Vaemyr, Yardie says, "Vaemyr,"

Vaemyr nods.

Vaemyr says, "I almost didn't run for Councilor this time. Running twice, before and failing, well it's tough. I was talked into it by a couple folks who told me something. "Forget what you "think" other people think about you, cause you'll never really know that, and it's too hard to worry about those outcomes. Just ask yourself, do you think you would make a good councilor? do you think you could do good for the town? If so then you should run."."

Vaemyr gazes heavenward.

Vaemyr says, "I truly thank them for those comments, and that is why I'm running. I think I can help this town, by working with all parties whom wish, by providing open communication, and by always trying to be a voice of reason in all circumstances."

Vaemyr says, "I appreciate any whom wish to vote for me, as it truly does mean a lot to know I have support out there, and I hope that together we can stand united as we progress onward to a better Wehnimer's Landing."

Vaemyr bows.


Speaking to Kiyna, Yardie says, "And finally, Kiyna."

Soliere adopts an agreeable expression.

Soliere points at Kiyna.

Kiyna ponders.

Kiyna slowly says, "There are many, I know, who have been disheartened, or demotivated, when looking at the plain fact that we have only four candidates for our four council seats."

Kiyna stresses, "To those people, I urge you to take this vote seriously anyway. Without alternate candidates, it becomes more important than ever that I know whether or not the citizenry really approves of me. Approves of us."

Kiyna says, "I will do all I can to work with my fellow councilors to improve the Landing, but I want everyone to know that I value your voice. If you have problems, come to me with them. If you like what I'm doing, please let me know."

Kiyna says, "Thank you for your time."

Kiyna smiles.

Kiyna bows.

Yardie says, "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time this evening. Remember elections, up until Feastday. Get out and vote! Thank you, have a good night, and get your spells and hurry back to talk and engage. Evening to you."