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Darkstone baron
Why don't you come to your senses?
Your being so dense is getting people killed now
You think you're a tough one
And you've got your own motivations
But your naive idealizations
Will end you somehow

Don't you see the giant spiders, boy
They'll eat you if they're able
And the Remnants' bows will steal your final breath
Now it seems to me returning south
Is an option on your table
But you only choose the ones that lead to death

Darkstone baron
No, your life won't be improving
Go get your caravans moving
To bring you all home
Duty, oh, duty
Well, that's the heartstring your Earl pulls
You're a sheep who's been thrown into the den of the wolves

How you nearly froze in the winter storms
And your wagons got burned by the mountain hordes
It's hard to tell the bad days from the worse
You're losing people left and right
Their corpses used to be a shocking sight at first

Darkstone baron
Why don't you come to your senses?
Before the krolvins' plan commences
Head back to your home
The blood keeps raining
But your old region's waiting
You'd best withdraw and cut your losses
(Withdraw and cut your losses)
You'd best withdraw and cut your losses
Before it's too late


Driven by a goal of establishing the barony of Darkstone, its uncrowned future Baron Elidal moved to the Landing area in the dead of winter. The arrival of the Empire immediately provoked armies of stone giants, stone trolls, minotaurs, goblins, and more to attack Elidal and his people for month on end while they had no army to back up their arrival. They lost dozens if not hundreds of settlers, but eventually the threats were repelled when the stone giant leader, Gnul, was destroyed.

Elidal would go on to build a small, inexperienced army, yet soon enough found himself faced with simultaneous threats on every front:

  • The Ember Vale reivers led by Warchief Haidan, descendant of Hagga.
  • The reiver shaman Tyeid who struck a dark alliance with the Arachne priest Drazinoth.
  • Tyrrax's krolvin fleet that viewed the Empire as a perennial enemy and the reivers as a short-term obstacle possible to eliminate before his future attack against Grishom Stone.
  • A splinter faction called the Remnants, who broke away from the Rooks to pursue more violent ends against the Empire and Rooks alike.
  • Melgorehn's Reach going haywire and releasing ethereal beings to attack the environs.

Throughout all of this, Elidal would never once entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, establishing this barony was a terrible idea that was bringing endless death and tragedy.