Leafiara (prime)/Melodies/I'll Stand With You Forever

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Leafiara sings cheerfully:

   "The sunshine feels great to match the breeze!
    A treasure of azure skies and seas
    Again I'm so blessed to walk among these lands"

Leafiara sings briskly:

   "The faces of friends before my eyes
    Awaken a joy I can't disguise
    No feeling in all Elanthia quite so grand"

Leafiara grins from ear to ear.

Leafiara sings proudly:

   "I take solace in all my companions
    Brought together by a twist of good fate
    They've got me on a roll and doing great!"

Leafiara sings jubilantly:

   "And I'll stand with you forever
    Feeling joyful, free, and whole!
    At all liberty to sing my heart
    And lay bare my very soul"

Leafiara sings jubilantly:

   "Walking here in the Landing among my kin,
    The only town I call my home~
    Each embrace a warm reminder...
    That I'm not alone"

Leafiara takes a deep breath.

Leafiara sings quickly:

   "Your smiles renew my verve and pep
    I'm feeling a musical spring in step!
    How wonderful to skip and dance once more"

Leafiara skips around in a happy little circle.

Leafiara sings brightly:

   "I suddenly know things can't go wrong,
    Not when I'm with friends where I belong
    Our journey awaits, so spread your wings and soar!"

Leafiara glances appraisingly around the room.

Leafiara wiggles her eyebrows.

Leafiara sings powerfully:

   "Let's unite within our lifetimes
    And together we'll make them count!
    Join hands and hearts and clear your minds of doubt!"

Leafiara sings jubilantly:

   "And I'll stand with you forever
    Let's build the lasting peace we've earned
    Laying down the roads of hope and faith
    And rebuilding bridges burned"

Leafiara sings clearly:

   "And there's nothing quite like our adventures
    Nothing like a life that's free
    It's not the place, but all the people--"

Leafiara sighs blithely, her countenance full of hope.

Leafiara sings clearly:

   "I'm back where I'm meant to be!"


I can't remember the full details and this was unfortunately before I started logging. It was something to the effect like... Leafi had failed during rescue and resurrection of her best friend, and it happened during a time when it appeared to her that she and one of her other best friends were starting a romantic relationship (spoiler, they weren't!) and she was afraid they were going to run off and abandon her for their wild romantic escapades. (She was 24 years old and not very far removed from living in the sylvan woods, so she had the wildest thoughts at times, heh.)

So she abandoned them first by running away to Ta'Illistim! It lasted all of four hours, then she came back, apologized, made amends, and was so happy about being wrong that a song just came to her. I kind of miss this exceptionally cheerful Leafi, but hey, people change! And she's still bubbly now, just maybe not as over-the-top... heh.