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You hate my world, I know
But then you're good to me
You think that I can grow
I try to show you
But you tell yourselves that maybe
I'm a nice guy underneath
Innocent and sweet

You've seen me break down
You've seen my tears
You've seen my anger and my frowns
I don't understand how you'd be so confused
It's just a simple truth
I'm a little bit of everything
All rolled into one

I'm a fool, I'm so caring, I'm a tool, I'm so daring
I'm a noble, I'm a flop, a bloviating sop
I'm your foe, I'm your friend, I'm whatever suits my ends
I'll always twist and turn until I get my way

You'll take me as I am
Even when I sacrifice three hundred men
Rest assured that in the end I'm still the baron
And I'll still go to extremes
I just wear my brightest smile
And your deaths don't mean a thing

I'm adept, I'm so steady, I'm inept, I'm unready
I'm the greatest, I'm a sham, a meretricious man
I'm sincere, I'm a mask, I'll hear out your every ask
I'll just ingratiate myself to get my way

Just when you think you have me figured out
My personality's changing
Love that, you're fine, you do your own thing
And fight hard to save me

I'm so strong, I'm the brightest, I'm so wrong, I'm the tritest
I'm a savior, I bring death, vacillate with every breath
I'm the worst, I'm the best, I'm nothing like the rest
I'll always posture and deflect since that's my way

I'm a cheat, I'm a con, I'm a failure all along
My appointment was a blunder, but I'll never knuckle under
I'm a hero, I'm a glory, and that's my only story
I'll persist until the whole world sees my way