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The rain pours down o'er the ocean tonight
Hardly any starlight seen
A perfect time for sailing
On the last frontier that's free

A rougher storm will soon come bearing down on Darkstone Bay
Nothing's new with the classic Imperial way

"Respect their law"?
"Respect their rules"?
Complacent words from self-destructive fools
Standing idly by, then hundreds die
And they wonder why?

Now I see, that's not me
Never more can I compromise
When things turn, they'll all burn
With their posturing and lies

The shattered shields of their failed ideals
Can't stop their demise

The clarity of survival
Makes social codes seem small
And concerns that once constrained me
Won't cross my mind at all

No holding back what I can do
Live brave and free, live pure and true
I leave their game of "dark" and "light"
It's black and white

Now I see, that's not me
Never more can I hesitate
Won't conceal what I feel
Only I decide my fate

My life, my tale,
And my will prevail
Let the storm rage on!

My magic warps the air as pirate guts explode
Racing hearts facing life and death are my most trusted road
And as my blades strike true, I know my way at last
I'm never looking back
Appeasement is the past!

Now I see, yes, I see
No regrets as I forge ahead
Live my way every day
That naive girl is dead!

Ride the gales
Blazing all my trails
Let the storm rage on!
The Landing only held me back anyway


Leafi moved to the Landing during the war against Chaston and saw everyone unified against a threat coming out of the Empire. However, following years saw:

  • Grand Magister Dennet Kestrel from the Hall of Mages being welcomed by the people only to end up illegitimately taking over the outpost and using its resources to secretly experiment on Landing citizens and cause their deaths.
  • Naimorai Kestrel, also from the Hall of Mages, being welcomed by the people only to end up becoming Raznel later and waging many of the deadliest campaigns against the Landing.
  • The Black Shaman Quinshon, also an associate of the Hall of Mages, being welcomed by the people only to end up working with Dennet to attempt to extract and replace militia Captain Shinann's soul.
  • Grand Magister Octaven, also also from the Hall of Mages, waging war against the Landing, then immediately claiming to not be a enemy and being at least tolerated by the people.
  • The Alchemist Praxopius Fortney working with the White Sparrows' organization to wage war against the Landing and brainwash its Marshal Thrayzar, then still being tolerated by the people long enough to ally with him to war against Glaoveln.
  • Adjudicator Vlashandra from the Hall of Mages being welcomed by the people, despite Octaven having performed surgery to make her face look like Raelee's (in a plot later discovered to be an effort to assassinate her father), only to end up having armies of patchwork creations harvest blood and body parts from the Landing.
  • The Lion Amos moving in from the Empire and being welcomed by the people only to end up establishing a private mercenary army which would go on to seek the arrest of the militia captains and later even attempt to destroy the militia barracks.

So by the time Elidal showed up, especially with Magister Enisius from the Hall of Mages in tow, Leafi was more than done with being accommodating to the latest high-ranking Imperial who would no doubt bring dozens or hundreds of deaths in his wake.