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Alendrial, speaking to a crowd in front of Moot Hall:
Two years the Earl had planned
To send them here

Leafiara and Rooks, respectively distributing and receiving small statues atop the TownCrier building:
With missions to expand
And lay claim near

Red Watch, Thrayzar, and Town Guards, patrolling:
So now we see, outside,

Haidan, Thadston, and Tyrrax, cleaning and sharpening blades in their respective quarters:
By his command,

Ordlyn and Rebellious Citizens, rallying:
The Barony of Darkstone has arrived

Aronia and Rheshay, imprisoned:
Upon this land

Elidal and Samfelt, gazing upon a map of the environs:
Wehnimer's, sing with us
A strong duet

Larsya, looking wistfully at the camp from the outpost ramparts:
His noble heart and charm

Aronia and Larsya:
Will win you yet

Casiphia and Enisius, respectively undergoing and overseeing assessment:
Although some turn from him

Reivers and Remnants in the forest:
Or take a stand

Everyone so far except Eli:
The Barony of Darkstone has arrived
Upon this land

Casi and Leafi:
We who have suffered most

Alendrial and Rooks:
Keep watchful eyes

Casi, Haidan, Leafi, Rheshay, Rooks:
We'll not be fooled again

Eli / Aronia, Larsya, Samfelt, and Thadston:
I've no disguise / He's no disguise

Leafi / Eli / Aronia and Samfelt:
They all claimed hope and light / I'll bring you hope and light / He'll be your hope and light

Haidan, Ordlyn, and Rheshay / Aronia and Eli:
Then brought dark plans / With bold new plans

Haidan, Ordlyn, Reivers, Remnants, and Rheshay:
The Barony of Darkstone has arrived
Upon this land

Outpost Soldiers, Red Watch, Reivers, Remnants, Rooks, and Town Guards patrolling respective areas:
They're here, the Barony of Darkstone!

Darkstonian Soldiers and Sablo, sparring:
We're here, the Barony of Darkstone!

It is no mystery, you often saw
The tragic history

Alendrial, Casi, Leafi, Ordlyn, Remnants, Rheshay, Rooks, and Tyrrax:
Your rogues have wrought

Alendrial, Eli, Eni, Larsya, Leafi, Rooks, and Thadston:
But in the present day

Alendrial, Leafi, and Rooks / Eli, Eni, and Thadston:
Is change at hand? / Change is at hand

The Barony of Darkstone has arrived
Upon this land