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Original Story: Imaerasta 25, 5119

A town clerk suspiciously asks, "Aren't you a little young to be making a will?"

A town clerk coughs and scratches briefly at a fresh scab on her shoulder.

A town clerk weakly says, "I know the blight is bad, but..."

A town clerk coughs and clears her throat.

A town clerk continues, "You look healthy."

Leafiara smiles.

Leafiara nods.

Leafiara explains, "Aye, the blight hasn't gotten me yet... but the war will. I'm on the front lines."

Leafiara shows an etched militia badge to a town clerk.

A town clerk quietly says, "I see."

A town clerk shakes her head.

A town clerk suddenly says, "No, I don't. How can you smile through all of this?"

Leafiara looks thoughtfully at a town clerk.

Leafiara surprisedly notes, "Huh, third person this week to ask me that."

Leafiara chuckles.

Leafiara leans forward.

Leafiara formally answers, "Partly because I don't want people to be disturbed that their defenders can't keep a level head. Partly because after I'm dead, I hope people will think, 'Leafi wouldn't want us to grieve.' And--"

A town clerk bluntly says, "If anything's disturbing, it's seeing someone so young smile and laugh while talking about how she's gonna die."

Leafiara politely says, "You didn't let me finish."

Leafiara concludes, "--and partly because this is the life I chose."

Leafiara clarifies, "I don't mean the militia; I mean before that. I chose a life of adventure. Danger. Thrill."

Leafiara insistently says, "That means death comes sooner... but I wouldn't have it any other way."

A town clerk sighs heavily while scratching at her scab.

A town clerk admits, "I don't understand. ...but it's not my place, I suppose."

Leafiara sincerely says, "No, I'm glad you asked."

A town clerk shows a crisp white parchment to Leafiara.

A town clerk picks up a black feather quill.

A town clerk mutters, "On to something I do understand."

A town clerk respectfully begins, "Shall we get started with your will? And I trust you already have an itemized list of possessions?"

Leafiara hesitantly replies, "Er... no, I'm never that organized. But I'm sure I can name most everything from memory."

Leafiara continues, "There's my [[::Ice_cream_churn|ice cream churn]], [[::Hidden_bracer|vambrace]], [[::Blink_weapon|slasher]], [[::Briar_flare|kunai]], [[::Sprite_Weapon|katar]], my other [[::Iasha_white_ora_weapon|kunai]], [[::Zelnorn|shield]], my other [[::Rolaren|shield]], armor, my other [[::Golvern|armor]], battle dress, battle sandals, my other [[::Fantabulous_UAC|battle sandals]], battle gloves, my other battle gloves, warblade, [[::Realm_flare|waraxe]], [[::Zorchar|war hammer]], my other war hammer--"

A town clerk observes, "Is everything 'battle' and 'war' with you?"

Leafiara flashes a wide grin.

Leafiara patiently reminds, "I told you. The life I chose."

A town clerk glances skeptically at Leafiara.

A town clerk turns her gaze to the parchment and begins writing.

Leafiara twitches.

A town clerk glances up.

A town clerk asks, "Are you alright?"

Leafiara nods briefly.

Leafiara calmly assures, "Of course. Of course."