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Original Story: Lumnea 13, 5118

There on the trail to Vornavis, even in the heat of battle, Leafiara's eyes were unfocused as she stabbed yet another bandit with the white ora kunai clutched tightly in her hand. Was he the fiftieth one that day? The hundredth?

No doubt some bandits were favored by Lorminstra, for unknown reasons. No doubt she'd taken the lives of some of these very same men and women before. No doubt she'd take them again.

Her thoughts and movements were both guided subconsciously, leaving her distant and reflective, haunted, even as she ran her kunai through another bandit's eye. How many of them were citizens of Vornavis turned to crime? How many of them were citizens of the Landing?

If they wore grey-beaked masks they'd have her mercy. But if they were Rooks or any other citizens of the Landing she didn't know it, and because of that small thing she'd slaughter them all with no proof better than a thirdhand report. Acting all on information from Rheteger or Malcrith, who themselves only heard from their informants.

And she'd collect her pay and throw the silvers in her bank.

She'd call it a job well done.

A hero's work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Charlatos 30)

Speaking to Rone, Ysharra says, "Soon it'll be like you weren't even here."

Rone weakly says, "It won't matter."

Rone weakly says, "What has started will continue."

Lylia replies, "You will not matter."

Rone weakly says, "No, Mayor Lylia."

Rone weakly says, "All of this will matter."

Speaking quietly to Rone, Goblyn soothes, "But -you- do not and you will not matter at all."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nobody ever mentioned it. Familiar faces passed by her all the time on the Vornavis trail, seeing corpses piled at her feet or even glimpsing her in battle--and no one said a word. Did they not notice? Were they afraid to bring it up? Even if she raised a concern to friends and allies, they always justified her. Even if she raised it to enemies, they had no criticism.

But one day surely she'd kill the wrong bandit, some former important Landing citizen fallen on hard times, and then they'd look into her history and take notice of the other hundred or thousand or ten thousand times she'd killed a Landing citizen. And then they'd execute her, or worse yet they'd throw her in jail to rot too.

Surely it would happen... if she kept playing with fire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Lumnea 13)

Speaking amusedly to Grishom, Cruxophim inquires, "Now that you've found a path to ascension, are you turning over a new Leafi?"

Cruxophim nonchalantly remarks, "Pukk's not here, someone has to fill in."

Speaking coyly to Cruxophim, Leafiara says, "Next thing we know he'll be offering to cure Rysus or something. I hear that Leafi's a real Rook lover."

Speaking softly to Cruxophim, Balley asks, "Leafi? He is turning Leafi?"

Speaking mildly to Balley, Cruxophim jests, "One can only hope."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soon Bloodriven Village would open to visitors again, its arena attracting dozens of competitors to gruesome, glorious bloodsport. She'd be there for untold hours in the two weeks to come--a vacation of sorts.

What's there even to turn, Crux? I'll just buy myself more time at Bloodriven, a little more, always hoping you and everyone else don't see... I'm already so much more a monster than Malluch.

Another three bandits lay at her feet.

Another job well done.

A hero's work.

Looking Back OOC - August 28, 2019

Another introspective vignette. To me they almost seem redundant at times, but I do them anyway because I want people to know that even seemingly "nothing" sidebars or offhand comments can send Leafi spiraling into existential crises at a moment's notice. She almost never showcases that outwardly, but it's there.