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Original Story: Olaesta 22, 5120

Raelee slowly says, "... not everyone in that Outpost is Octaven. Not everyone is... mindlessly serving Octaven."

Turning Raelee's words over in her mind, Leafiara began to pen a letter regarding cooler heads.

Dearest citizens,
To even my surprise, Grand Magister Octaven has finally delivered on her promise from years ago

"No, no, that won't do..." She cleaned off the still-fresh ink to start again.

Dearest citizens,
Amazing as it is, cooler heads have prevailed and we'll be rebuilding our

"...it still sounds too aggressive..." She erased her words to begin anew.

Dearest citizens,
We've managed to conclude the mock trial--or should I say mockery of a trial?--without blood running in the streets

The half-sylvan shook her head, frowning, and cleaned the parchment yet again. "Maybe I should start by focusing on the citizens instead of officials..."

Dearest citizens,
I know that many of you are deeply troubled by the army of golems overstaying its welcome since the evacuation months ago, but

Leafi groaned and cleared it off once more. "...but not quite like that."

Dearest citizens,
Just like you all are independent people who won't agree with every decision made by the town council or the mayor--any mayor--not every mage in the Hall agrees with Grand Magister Octaven. No one official can speak for their entire organization or town

She hesitated. Wait, but I kind of do speak for everyone, don't I? Or on behalf of everyone, but not in a way that means their voices aren't heard... Leafi scrunched up her face in thought for a few moments, then erased her writing, freshly focused.

Dearest citizens,
Let me start by saying that I'd never presume to tell anyone what to think. I personally believe we should carefully consider and form our own opinions, and follow our convictions. However, it can cause problems when those convictions turn into violence--specifically against those outside our town. It would be one thing for an assassin from the Landing to come after me, since that would be an internal affair that I wouldn't denounce. I know and respect that we have a storied history, almost a fine tradition, of assassination attempts on town officials. In fact, if the recent limb assassin had attacked only me, I would have been willing to overlook

The young mayor gazed heavenward, wondering how she'd gotten so far off-topic, then sighed and cleaned the parchment again.

Dearest citizens,
Occasionally the law works. Just recently, and admittedly only after the threat of a violent clash between our militia and the Hall's golems, we successfully negotiated repayment for our defense towers--which, granted, was a deal overdue for years

"I really hate this politics and diplomacy stuff," Leafiara muttered, erasing it for the last time. I'll just chalk this idea up to slipping through the cracks and get back to more proposals to the town council. And, anyway, we're awaiting the trial result...