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Original Story: Olaesta 4, 5119

Leafiara paused at the sight of the burned-down Pie Shop. Years had passed since a smoldering ruin in the [[::Wehnimer's Landing|Landing]] would merit so much as her raised eyebrow, even this particular ruin, but still she had curiosity enough. Leafi smiled and waved at the first friendly face she saw passing by.

"Kanona! Good day! On your way to the music shop?"

"Aye, Lady Leafiara!"

"Love all that you and Lute do. Say... I won't keep you, but before you go, do you know who did this?" The half-sylvan briefly nodded toward the ruin.

Kanona tilted her head. "Oh! Errr--I heard 'twas Land Pirate Maylan and a few associates. 'Tis a rumor, at least, ye see--"

"Mmmmm, that makes sense. Even if she's only delaying the inevitable, it seems like she's bought us some time. ...probably accidentally."

The shop apprentice peered quizzically at the cleric. "The inevitable? Time?"

"No more Pie Shop is one fewer reason the [[::Ta'Vaalor|Vaalorians]] can find to attack."

Kanona scratched her head. "Ummm... there be other reasons?"

Leafi sighed. "Stay innocent. Anyway, it doesn't matter; when the time comes, we'll repel them. They won't harm even one civilian!" The half-[[::Sylvankind|sylvan]] flashed a grin. "...truly, I mean that. Sorry to trouble you with things you don't have to fear." Leafi rested a hand on her shoulder, then walked away, leaving the perplexed lady behind.

Only someone who knows nothing of Ta'Vaalor or the [[::Brotherhood of Rooks|Rooks]] could have asked that. The real question is which of them strikes first--or will it be someone else?