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Original Story: Fashanos 18, 5121

The Raging Thrak raised an eyebrow as a small parchment slipped through the side of his curtain and drifted toward the floor. As he went to collect the parchment, a whispered voice greeted him, too quiet or perhaps simply too middling in pitch to clearly identify a gender: "Sorry and thank you. Can't be too cautious right now." A rustle of the curtain signaled that his visitor has departed, and he unfolded the letter.


To the Raging Thrak:

As I'm sure you've heard, the members of the Darkstone Bay Consortium have cancelled elections since they fear anyone outside of them who has a voice. I'm sad to say it, but this makes you and your inn plausible targets, since for decades you've championed even the freshest-faced citizen and acted as a voice of all.

Along with yourself, another strong voice here is Miss Newsby, who's proudly worked out of your inn for years. She's been calling for boycotts of shops owned by the Consortium, which is her right and especially brave for a civilian, but is also another factor that could draw attention here if they discover where she works.

I hope that my intuition is wrong and there will be no trouble. But if there's even so much as a sign of trouble, or if there have been already, I ask urgently and earnestly that you report them to the militia captains. And rest assured... The many Landing defenders you've inspired will save our town again.