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Original Story: Fashanos 19, 5121

She underlined her signature with a heavily-inked flourish and smiled, as she hadn't done when writing any letter since her inaugural one, then went to pin the parchment to the oak tree in Town Square Central.


To all who call the Landing home,

You matter. Your choices matter. Your voices matter. Most of you, the free people of Wehnimer's Landing, elected me to a one year term for which I still have six weeks left, and I will carry that term out. You honored me with your votes and I will honor you, now and always. Neither intimidation nor show of force could ever dissuade me or countless other defenders of this frontier from upholding our duty in standing up for you, your truths, and your ideals.

The soul of the Landing is our freedoms. Along with those come the clashes, the challenges, the back-and-forth, the tolerance for every walk of life, the conflicting interests, the tenuous truces and the tense smiles shared between people who detest but respect one another. Still, we persist with the will to remain true to ourselves in the face of everything that tests us, fighting relentlessly for our visions of the future.

We serve no emperor, king, or Argent Mirror, and we certainly serve no Consortium. Instead, the Landing is what all of us make it. The Landing is what we create day by day, choice by choice, with our actions and our passion, and collectively we've built a finer and stranger town than any other I've seen. We will continue to do so.

In that spirit, this is my call to every Great House, every Meeting Hall, and even every unaffiliated individual with an interest in defending the Landing to come together as we hold regular meetings throughout Charlatos on the topic of saving our town and securing our future. The first of these meetings will be on Charlatos 2 in Helga's Barroom at 9 in the evening. Send me word of hours and days that work for you, your officers, and your members, and we'll work to schedule the other meetings to accommodate and hear from as diverse a number of voices as possible.

I've already spoken with dozens of you, and will speak with many more, and one thing is clear. Even when we share little else in common during daily life, we agree on our love of the Landing. We agree that neither forces outside nor inside our gates will topple us. We will protect our home without fail and without hesitation, and we will do it together, for Wehnimer's belongs to all of us.

Leafiara Autumnwind,
Mayor of the People