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Original Story: Olaesta 9, 5119

"What?!" Leafi blurted as she stared at the parchment in her hands, the bold writing clear in the morning light. She glanced back at the [[::Half-elf|half-elven]] runner. "Are you sure this is for me?"

The runner furrowed her brow. "Sure as it has your name on it! ...and sure as I picked it up from the barracks!"

"But I only applied last night! My Lyrna was waiting weeks!"

"Well... er, militia business isn't my business, Lady Leafiara," the runner said. "But I would think that's between you and Thadston."

Leafi let out a long, contemplative breath. "I..." She nodded faintly. "I guess that's true. Thank you," she said, straining to sound confident.

The runner grinned and nodded before dashing off to her next delivery.

Leafiara narrowed her eyes. This seems way too simple... what is he thinking? Either the dumbest or the wisest decision Sir Thadston could make...