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Original Story: Phoenatos 7, 5120

Honorable Judge Renpaw,

Following an open letter from Marshal Thadston Andrews and a meeting with him this evening, I must regrettably say that I'm forced to invoke against him the law that town council members may be brought before you for review and potential expulsion. I do this on the grounds that he cannot fulfill basic requirements of his position while compromised, which I can only conclude that he is in light of certain suspicious circumstances he refuses to explain.

Since his most recent return from the Bleaklands, he seems to have been affected by a magical phenomenon which has led to many near him reporting flashes of azure light that make him flinch or hesitate, and some even reporting hearing a voice speaking to their minds when getting close to Thadston. He's continually evaded all questions of what's happening to him regardless of who asks, including even our militia's Captains Stormyrain and Shinann.

Despite his refusal to explain even since the earliest days, he often stayed secluded in the barracks and rarely gave anyone a chance to see what was going on. I hadn't submitted a request in this vein until now because it was at least plausible, with some mild benefit of the doubt, to believe him when he claimed to be fine. Maybe the effects of the magic weren't a major hindrance to his duties--maybe only something like the intermittent pain of an old wound flaring up.

However, Thadston's been more active and public this past month than in several months before then and the problem seems to be getting worse. His behavior has recently taken such a turn that now even the most benefit of the doubt I can give him would still leave me characterizing his actions as a mix of overzealous, erratic, and too frequently inexplicable. I can't say for sure whether that's because the magic is getting to him or because he's simply this unnerved by Malluch Burdos, but that's precisely because he refuses to give answers to even his most trusted allies. No matter how I look at it, he's doing a disservice to his position.

I don't invoke this review lightly, but as an unfortunate last resort. I'd been considering it independently, but the final element tipping my hand was consulting Captain Stormyrain this evening over whether she too believed that such a drastic move was worth considering. Indeed, she supported and recommended it. I'll hand-deliver a duplicate copy of this letter to her in case there's anything she'd like to add or in case I've misunderstood her in any way which she'd like to clarify or correct. Likewise I'll hand-deliver a copy to Captain Shinann in case there's anything she would like to add.

If Thadston is finally willing and able to satisfactorily explain his magical affliction and why anyone should believe his claims that he's fine, then expulsion or even the review itself might ultimately be unnecessary. An even better outcome would be if he'd allow our researchers to determine how to solve whatever problem ails him. I pray that either turn of events will be the case, since I value Thadston's experience, but am fully willing to pursue his removal if needed, in recognition that the current situation simply can't stand.

Thank you for your consideration, even in challenging times, for words which are difficult but necessary to ink.

For the Landing,
Mayor Leafiara