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Original Story: Imaerasta 7, 5118


This happened in the wake of the Town Council posting a bounty to capture the second Rone, which read: http://forums.play.net/forums/GemStone%20IV/Cities,%20Towns,%20and%20Outposts/Wehnimer's%20Landing/view/13544

Early this afternoon, Lady Alendrial DeArchon of the Wehnimer’s Landing Council issued a statement to the citizens of town. She was not present for the declaration, as it is rumored she has been secreted away to a safe location for the time being as the threat on her life is properly assessed.

“I want to extend a thousand thanks to those who reached out for me, and searched for me in the many hours following the horrible attack on my home, which completely destroyed it and all of my personal belongings I had held so dearly. But nothing is more precious than life, and for the fact my husband Stephos and I were not present during the explosion, I am more than thankful for. I will not give this new Rone the satisfaction of a lengthy response. I will instead make this known, and make it known well.

The Town Council has voted and we hereby declare this new Rone, and whatever persona is hiding beneath the mask, to be considered a criminal and wanted for high crimes. A bounty of ten million silvers has been offered up to the live capture of this criminal. In addition, a monetary amount has been set aside for any who can provide crucial information that leads to the capture of this villain. Likewise, Lord Thadston the interim Marshal of the Landing Militia has informed me that there shall be a renewed focus and training exercises conducted in order to aid in the apprehension of this Rone.

We will not be plagued by cowards who wish to degrade the reputation of our town’s founder. There is no people who know justice better than those of Wehnimer’s Landing. An attack on one of our own, is an attack on us all. We shall usher in true justice, and we shall do so swiftly. Rone, and those who seek to aid this vigilante have been warned. Time, and the great people of Wehnimer’s Landing, will not be on your side.”

The Second Rone Bounty

Leafiara gives a sidelong glance at a large notice.

Leafiara leans forward.

Leafiara reads a large notice.

Leafiara chortles softly at some secret joke.

Maybe they can pay up on the bounty for the first Rone before I consider helping with this one.

A bored-looking town clerk arrives quietly behind Leafiara, glancing occasionally at the office door she's standing in front of.

Leafiara smirks, but that soon fades into a frown.

Even then... I wasn't thinking clearly that time. Just wanted to prove I could do something useful...

Leafiara leans back.

Leafiara sighs.

Only real question is whether to leave this be...

A bored-looking town clerk watches Leafiara from behind.

Leafiara stares into space, appearing to ponder multiple possibilities and potential nuances.

It would be nice if Stephos met his end, but he's such a small problem compared to Raznel or Ta'Vaalor. Priorities, priorities...

A bored-looking town clerk yawns.

Leafiara blinks.

Leafiara turns around.

"Thinking of bringing in the new Rone?" the clerk asks. "You're an adventurer--pretty good at this type of thing, eh?"

Leafiara shakes her head.

Leafiara quietly says, "No... no, I'm not."

"Not thinking of bringing him in or not good at this?"

Leafiara winks and flashes a sly grin.

Leafiara just went out.

A bored-looking town clerk shrugs and opens a mahogany door with a sigh.

Looking Back OOC - August 28, 2019

At the time of this vignette we were about a month into The Rone Resurgence and nine weeks into Praxopius being around the Landing, and I was having trouble figuring out what Leafi's place was in the story or if she even had one. (Little did I know [[::The_Rone_Resurgence_-_5118-10-06_-_Long_Live_the_King|what would happen a month later!]]) Not that she needs a role in every story, of course, but I also don't want to just be that character who shows up to stand around and take up space.

I figured I'd write a vignette and yet didn't want to spend much time since the story was relatively low interest to Leafi at the time, so I went with this experimental style where, other than her internal thoughts, you could easily see this playing out in-game with a GM NPC.