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Original Story: Imaerasta 2, 5118


This happened in the wake of [[::The_Rone_Resurgence_-_5118-09-01_-_The_New_Rone%27s_Mission|attempts from both Landing adventurers and the Rooks]] to catch the new Rone, suspected to be Thrayzar, as he was under control of the Alchemist.

To the Brotherhood

A lengthy letter is posted on a bulletin board in Moot Hall, in uncharacteristically neat handwriting for Leafiara.

To the Rooks of the Landing, both above ground and below...

Last night I was upset and angry to see the new Rone needlessly slaughter some of your people on the rooftops. No provocation, no self-defense, only cold murder. After that happened, many including me pursued Rone and made every effort to stop him.

Your people, too, tried to stop him. However, in the night's chaos, some of you also attacked people who had the same goal of stopping Rone--and I was one of them. Though I didn't retaliate, I did see many town defenders killed, both Rooks and otherwise, for which I feel sorrow beyond words. It didn't have to be this way.

I hope we can end the bloodshed there and, to end any further crossfire, I ask that you leave the capture of Rone to the Landing's most seasoned defenders and creative minds. With the magic of Rone's gauntlets, your arrows and even your explosives mean nothing to him.

No matter how others might criticize me for saying this, I've long thought of the Rooks as the horizon between light and darkness, and as true believers in the Landing's principles and freedoms. But I've also said that you too often choose the wrong targets--and this was the latest example. Our enemies are Raznel and the krolvin, to say nothing of staying vigilant against the Empire's unending number of "rogue" agents and groups who have attacked the Landing. The White Sparrows are the latest of them. And who can say if Ta'Vaalor's presence will bring their own rogue agents?

Your people can be a remarkable force of good and have been before, as I'll never forget your aid in the war against Chaston Griffin. I deeply hope we can write off last night as an unfortunate misunderstanding and move forward toward a better future.



Looking Back OOC - August 28, 2019

Ha, even reading this now, I always get a kick out of how Leafi jumps at almost every opportunity to talk about the Rooks--and does it extremely blatantly and publicly. Sheesh, no wonder Rysus never invited her to join.