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Leifa Ar'Anya
Race Dark Elf
Class Ranger
Affiliation(s) The TownCrier, Argent Aspis
In-a-Word Banshee
Disposition Wild
Primary Trait A Sly Wench
Greatest Strength Spikethorn
Greatest Weakness None, except Bards
Habits Hunting without armor, Teasing Dwarves
Hobbies Singing, Performing, Flirting
Likes Elves, Bards, dogs, cake
Dislikes Krolvin, Sorcerers, cats, pie
Loyalties a black-toed saddleback foxhound


You see Leifa
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is tall. She appears to be youthful. She has thick-lashed intense viridian eyes and sun-kissed bronze skin. She has manelike, voluminous ash blonde hair parted to the side and pinned back with a blonde tortoiseshell haircomb inset with tiny bug-filled amber. She has a lean, angular face, a strongly sloped nose and palpebral tribal scarification patterns etched lightly above her deep-set eyelids. She has delicately curved ears and an elegant neck that tapers down to a slight hollow in her finely sculpted collarbone.
She has a series of small variegated charmed hoops set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, a stylized black-inked tribal sunburst tattoo across her collarbone on her neck, and a raging warhorse tattoo on her waist.
She is wearing a finely articulated crown of fig vines softly brushed with a silver sheen, a strand of vaalin glowbark leaves, a rustic verdigris copper back-basket faintly etched with twisting faenor vines, a soft textured barkcloth pelisse, a beetle green lacquered corselet held with ebon vaalin-traced bindings, a slender contoured wrist bangle of preserved flaeshorn vines, a slender oval of twining ossified dirge-vaon tendrils, a hip-slung hemp silk skirt patterned with graduating copper-sheened scales, a sculpted verdigris thigh-quiver faintly etched with twisting vinca vines, and some foxfire green tattooed leather sandals laced with twisted willow withe.


Leifa Ar'Anya.jpg

Original artwork by Tisket (c) 2016
To see more original artwork of Leifa, you may visit the Player's Corner album here


Leifa was a love-child born to a young Faendryl couple who ran away and lived in banishment over their forbidden love, disallowed by each of their highly respected Faendryl houses. Despite the hardship and alienation from their families and friends, the couple was truly content. They had several children, all daughters, and were a close family who lived a bohemian and nomadic lifestyle, moving from place to place in the lawless wilds of the mountains of Rhoska-Tor. Tragedy struck when they were attacked and Leifa's parents were brutally murdered by a roving crew of Krolvin bandits. She and her sisters survived only by hiding under the baseboards, huddling in silent horror as they watched the event. As the eldest, Leifa felt obligated to care for her younger siblings. Concerned for their mortal safety and well-being, she yearned for her sisters to receive a proper education and become civilized ladies. They made the long journey to Wehnimer's Landing and took up a meager residence. Therein, Leifa sought work to provide for them and found steady charge at the Warrior's Guild. She was trained in the ways of warrior combat.

Leifa delved right away into guildwork and progressed quickly. It was upon meeting a noble human by the name of Sandlot that Leifa discovered the joy of the rangerly profession. Leifa continued her training as a warrior for many years, but always found herself drawn to the wilds. After a particularly heated battle within the city walls of Wehnimer's, Leifa experienced a tragic spirit death. When Lorminstra granted her life again, she chose to focus on life as a ranger. Leifa has progressed even more quickly through her second profession, as bow-hunting, animal-taming, foraging for herbs, and skinning for fur come quite naturally to the beastmistress.

While living in the developed cities, Leifa endeavored to learn of the ways of civilized Elves. She chanced upon other Faendryl dark elves and from these relational bonds and the teachings of educated Faendryl, Leifa learned more about her ancestry and culture. It was through this pursuit of knowledge that Leifa became involved with the Faendryl Enclave. Her brethren within this Faendryl community became her second family and for many years, she enjoyed serving as an original founding officer. However, after suffering from leadership fatigue and experiencing heartbreak from a failed attempt at romance with a fellow House officer, Leifa sought solace in isolation. She whisked away in privacy to lick her wounds on the distant isle of Teras. Kharam Dzu provided the perfect backdrop for a solitary existence. So much so, that Leifa became quite wild and untamed once more.

Items of Note

The Vanquishing Blow

Leifa is holding a rune-etched rolaren warblade. This is the last remaining possession that Leifa owns of her father's.

At first glance, it seems this weapon has fallen into disuse from the bloodstained leather grip and marred runes along the blade. However, the liberal use of oils and a whetstone show that great care is made to leave the imperfections intact while maintaining a ready blade. Crude runes are marked between those worn from age to form three words. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph. There appears to be something written on it. In the Common language, it reads: The Vanquishing Blow.

Faendryl Enclave, Garden

Shielded by verdant hedges, the spire's reflection garden adds a grace note of natural beauty to the building's austere architecture. A circular pool surrounded by smooth white benches provides a serene focal point for the setting, while artfully shaped topiaries create a private reserve of fanciful beasts along the tranquil garden's periphery. Flowering vines around a central statue add a note of welcome color. You also see a winding pathway and a small bowl of seeds. Obvious paths: none

Pool: The still waters of this circular pool are marred only by the occasional fish searching for food.  The pool maintains a calm, glassy surface otherwise.  Clearly visible from the surface, small white pebbles and a series of obsidian rocks form a black and white pentagram along the pool's bottom.

Topiary: Members of the bushy bestiary are posed as if cavorting with one another around the garden's perimeter.  The lifelike shapes give the formal garden a touch of whimsy.

Statue: In the otherwise immaculately manicured garden, one tangle of blackberry vines around the statue's base remains untamed.  The statue of a rearing warhorse bears a small bronze plaque reading, "Leifa's Garden."

Bowl of Seeds: Dipping your hand into a nearby bowl filled with seeds, you scoop up a handful of the grainy substance and toss it upon the ground.

Clusters of ravens flock to the offering and chitter with one another as they peck away at the seed.  It only takes a matter of seconds for them to completely consume the offered meal, though they still stand around chirping at each other for a few moments more.  Rising as one, they take to the air and glide away.

Faendryl Enclave, Alabaster Spire, Dining Room

Sconces on the alabaster walls illuminate oil paintings depicting historically significant Faendryl and the officers of the Enclave. A massive ebonwood dining table set for a formal meal traverses the length of the narrow room. You also see an ebonwood doorway and a keystone marble arch. Obvious exits: none

Painting: Masterfully painted portraits from different ages and styles line the walls, each depicting a notable person.  Beginning with a portrait of a regal patriarch, newer paintings include images of a foppish man in a hat, a female Faendryl holding a cup of coffee, a man donning demonic armor, and a woman sitting beside a foxhound.



While Leifa is actually a ranger by profession, she has a great love of music and the performing arts. Over the years, she has had the great privilege of competing in and serving as a judge for the annual House of Argent Aspis Bardfest competition. Here you can see a few of her past performances.

Bardfest 5111 Finals performance, Smelts and the Pelts

Bardfest 5119 Semi-Finals performance, Rumor in the Woods

Bardfest 5119 Finals performance, Troll Fashion Show