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The Alabaster Spire is the permanent structure for The Faendryl Enclave, a Wehnimer's Landing based Meeting Hall Organization. It is located at ;go2 8041.

Aillidh Brae, Vale

In the midst of this copse of haons lies a tiny pool. The shape of the pool is reminiscent of a man-made well -- long abandoned. The ground surrounding the pool is covered with soft moss and a few lichenous rocks. Algae have tinged the water a beautiful, translucent green. You also see an ornate gate. Obvious paths: north, southwest

Faendryl Enclave, Courtyard

Symmetrical rows of lor trees stand as silver sentinels along a gravel pathway that broadens into a circular courtyard. In the center of the yard, a pair of trees have grown together into a single towering tree, echoing the lofty reach of the alabaster spire rising to their north. You also see an ornate gate and a pathway. Obvious paths: none

Lor Trees: Over the course of years, a single lor tree has become intertwined with another, their exposed roots growing around broken white stones.  The thick roots almost conceal a small dark gap at the base of the trees where they meet.  Set to the side of the trees is a small placard with a glassed face.

There appears to be something written on it.

In the Faendryl language, it reads:
"Lor trees, origin Old Ta'Faendryl.  Soil rotations are biseasonal.  ~Curator, Shanng Jah'Sherak."

Alabaster Spire: The base of the spire is rimmed in despanal, and veins of red, purple, and black shimmer as ambient light collides with them in their ascent to the pristine white spire.  Set into the face of the spire is a large ornate door.

Cavern, Ritual Room


Faendryl Enclave, Garden

Shielded by verdant hedges, the spire's reflection garden adds a grace note of natural beauty to the building's austere architecture. A circular pool surrounded by smooth white benches provides a serene focal point for the setting, while artfully shaped topiaries create a private reserve of fanciful beasts along the tranquil garden's periphery. Flowering vines around a central statue add a note of welcome color. You also see a winding pathway and a small bowl of seeds. Obvious paths: none

Pool: The still waters of this circular pool are marred only by the occasional fish searching for food.  The pool maintains a calm, glassy surface otherwise.  Clearly visible from the surface, small white pebbles and a series of obsidian rocks form a black and white pentagram along the pool's bottom.

Topiary: Members of the bushy bestiary are posed as if cavorting with one another around the garden's perimeter.  The lifelike shapes give the formal garden a touch of whimsy.

Statue: In the otherwise immaculately manicured garden, one tangle of blackberry vines around the statue's base remains untamed.  The statue of a rearing warhorse bears a small bronze plaque reading, "Leifa's Garden."

Bowl of Seeds: Dipping your hand into a nearby bowl filled with seeds, you scoop up a handful of the grainy substance and toss it upon the ground.

Clusters of ravens flock to the offering and chitter with one another as they peck away at the seed.  It only takes a matter of seconds for them to completely consume the offered meal, though they still stand around chirping at each other for a few moments more.  Rising as one, they take to the air and glide away.
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Alabaster Spire, Foyer

Alabaster slabs thrust upward in the form of a lotus flower, presenting a series of concave walls and hidden conversation nooks. Reaching twice the height of a pure elf, the tips of the carved stone petals intertwine to form a complex vaulted ceiling. A despanal-veined pedestal casts a dull scarlet glow from the center of the room. You also see a white marble stairway and a keystone marble arch. Obvious exits: out

Alabaster Spire, Dining Hall

Sconces on the alabaster walls illuminate oil paintings depicting historically significant Faendryl and the officers of the Enclave. A massive ebonwood dining table set for a formal meal traverses the length of the narrow room. You also see an ebonwood doorway and a keystone marble arch. Obvious exits: none

Painting: Masterfully painted portraits from different ages and styles line the walls, each depicting a notable person.  Beginning with a portrait of a regal patriarch, newer paintings include images of a foppish man in a hat, a female Faendryl holding a cup of coffee, a man donning demonic armor, and a woman sitting beside a foxhound.

Portrait: The painting depicts a Faendryl in full Patriarchal regalia emerging from a swirling grey mist.  His red cloak fills the canvas in an array of vivid color and brushstrokes.  Its fabric contains subtly rendered images of the six founders of the lesser Elven houses.  Giving an illusion of motion, Elven forms are drawn upward with limbs and gazes extended toward the central figure.  A pale hand grips the top of the cloak and the other reaches forward.  A silver plate is affixed to the bottom.

There appears to be something written on it.

In the Faendryl language, it reads:
"Korthyr, The First Patriarch"

Table: Lengths of polished and lacquered ebonwood reflect the ambient light from a series of candelabra on the table, their rich darkness serving as a counterpoint to glittering crystal and silver-chased plates.  A long silk runner stretches the length of the table beneath an array of finely wrought bowls, pitchers and platters.  Dining chairs flank the table.

Food On Table: a wild herb salad, a grilled lizard and locust kabob, some fried glazed bat chunks, a lamb and goat cheese cracker, some bacon-wrapped mozzarella, some glazed venison tenderloin medallions, a glass of plum-colored wine, a tall glass of dark iced coffee, a glass of spiced agave wine, a flute of dark sassafras wine

Alabaster Spire, Great Hall

Narrow stained glass windows pierce soaring despanal-veined alabaster walls in this expansive hall. Each window's colorful design casts its own pattern on the barrel-vaulted ceiling to create a complex, kaleidoscopic play of light. On the east side of the hall, an ebonwood lectern stands at the center of a small stage. Art-lined alcoves around the room create conversation spaces while leaving a central expanse of inlaid stone open for dancing or large gatherings. You also see a delicate porcelain urn and an ebonwood doorway. Obvious exits: none

Window: Each window contains colorful glass masterfully fitted and painted to depict a different dramatic scene.  Featuring images of the founding of Old Ta'Faendryl, the Undead War and views of New Ta'Faendryl, the panes are an illustrated history wrought in color and light.

Lectern: The simple lectern bears the marks of repeated use from decades of orators.

Alabaster Spire, Lounge

A low ceiling and an assortment of overstuffed chairs scattered throughout the room give the lounge an intimate ambiance. An ornate Faendryl crest hangs above the massive black marble fireplace that dominates one end of the room. Opposite the fireplace is a dart board fancifully painted with ravens and griffins. A gleaming ebonwood bar accented with rhimar spans the length of the room, an open humidor left forgotten at one end. You also see a short flight of steps, a basket of sticks, a thick oak door and a white marble stairway. Obvious exits: none

Bar: The smooth finish of the ebonwood bar has a mellow gleam that suggests years of careful use.  Glittering rhimar looks as icy as the drinks served here.

Food On Bar: a handful of blackberries, some bacon-wrapped mozzarella, a lamb and goat cheese cracker, a grilled lizard and locust kabob, a flute of dark sassafras wine, a glass of spiced agave wine, a glass of plum-colored wine, a tall glass of dark iced coffee, a smooth single malt scotch

Door: Thick oak planks are burnished to a rich glow, but are otherwise unadorned, save for the small inset brass plaque that reads "Office of Japhrimel Laurentiu Faendryl."  The oak door is currently open.
  • Working Fireplace
  • Working Dart Board

Alabaster Spire, Office

The solid ebonwood desk and its ornate, high-backed chair dominate the room. Expansive bookshelves flank the desk and line the walls to the ceiling in orderly rows, but the odds and ends tucked between the leather volumes that belie the rigorous order of the shelves. Behind the desk hangs a massive tapestry map of Elanith with details picked out in fine silk thread. Tucked in a corner near the desk is an overstuffed pillow. You also see a thick oak door. Obvious exits: none

Desk: The dark wood is polished to a murky sheen, its black depths soaking up much of the ambient light.  Various documents and writing implements are scattered across its surface, and a mostly-empty glass of scotch serves as an impromptu paperweight for a largely illegible parchment.

Chair: Well-worn black leather covers the wooden frame of the chair, the arms covered in rich scarlet suede.  A feather-pinned wool hat, casually tossed upon the high-back, sits alongside a velvet smoking jacket and a small cravat pin.

Map: The massive map of the continent of Elanith is intricately and minutely detailed.  Silk threads in different hues define the brown Southron wastes, the lush greens of the Elven Nations, and the icy whites and blues surrounding the Pinefar Trading Post.  Winding through the map is a glittering thread of gold from Old Ta'Faendryl through the Nations to Rhoska-Tor and on to New Ta'Faendryl before arching to the northwest toward Wehnimer's Landing.

Alabaster Spire, Training Hall

Various weaponry and armor are arrayed on racks throughout a wide room with vaulted windows of colored glass. Demon and humanoid-shaped practice dummies await attacks from novices and veterans alike. While the rest of the room contains signs of regular use, the central onyx-bordered circle is free of any clutter. Tapestries hung between the windows depict military scenes in muted hues. You also see a short flight of steps and a ladder. Obvious exits: none

Circle:Kept immaculately clean, the circle and its slim onyx border occupy the center of the room.  Broken and damaged siegery miniatures lay to one side, just outside the onyx outline.

Tapestries: The centermost tapestry depicts an ocean battle, with three vast Faendryl warships arrayed off the coast of Ta'Ashrim.  Streams of scarlet and silver threads are woven in an arcing volley from each ship to the city, colorful depictions of deadly magics.  The centermost vessel is massive, its bow turned toward the city, its name clearly displayed across the prow, "The Black Heron".

Alabaster Spire, Solarium

Curved, transparent sheets of crystal set at an angle into alabaster walls meet high overhead to enclose the top of the tower. At the dome's apex, the crystal panes become a single lofty spire. On one side of the crystalline chamber, a gilded arch opens onto a slender walkway that reaches into the sky without rails or supports. Opposite the arch is a gold-chased telescope near a low table and scattered lounge chairs that invite stargazing. You also see a ladder. Obvious paths: none

Dome: The dome's thick crystal keeps the interior environment comfortable throughout the year, the roof allowing a glimpse at the weather without effecting the room as a whole.  Muted shadows occasionally pass across the dome's pellucid surface.
  • Working Telescope