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Li'aerion Map by Maetriks

Li'aerion, the palace of Eorgina, is located atop the Dragonspine Mountains with the entrance found in the Ruby Tunnel of Zul Logoth. After several weeks of prayer and communication amongst her devoted followers, the pilgrimage was made to reveal the location and after several hours, Eorgina revealed herself to the faithful while explaining her desire to open up her former home to those who would care most for it.



An expansive structure of grey stone stands rooted to the mountaintop, its foundation extending deep into the rock.  Inside the courtyard, the tall marble walls are nearly invisible under a riot of crawling green jasmine vines covered in fragrant blooms.  The lush flora of the courtyard is at odds with the climate, right down to the purple nightshade blooming along the edges of the steps.  You also see a set of tall ironwood double doors.
Obvious paths: south

First Floor

  • Entrance Hall
An immense circular room is enclosed with polished grey stone walls that rise up three floors to a dome-shaped ceiling of cut crystal.  Moonlight pours through the ceiling and breaks into shards of bright white light that shift lazily about the room, highlighting the central staircase and second floor landing.  The walls on either side of the staircase are covered with large, intricate tapestries hung from delicate bars of gold.  A sweet melody, faint but insistent, floats through the space without pause.
Obvious exits: east, west, out
  • East Parlor
The floor of this room is covered with a brilliant sunburst mosaic.  Tiles of gold, electrum, and copper fit together on the pale blue marble floor, mimicking the sun's rays streaming through a clear sky.  Candles that burn brightly from gold sconces on every wall bring the mosaic to life, the metallic tiles twinkling and reflecting in the jagged shards of mirror scattered across the ceiling.  Three walls are fitted with benches covered in canary silk, and a white silk tapestry covers the eastern wall.
Obvious exits: west


At first glance this tapestry appears to be a simple piece of artwork, but upon closer inspection, more complex patterns arise for the eye to examine.  Threads in subtly varying hues of alabaster, ecru, and eggshell weave in and out of the pure white silk to create an intricate scene of vines and rose blossoms.  The skillful placement of certain threads creates the appearance of faces trapped behind the vines of the tapestry, all of them sad and mournful.
  • Storage
Plain whitewashed walls and a wood beam ceiling enclose this space, clearly utilitarian in nature.  Shelves fitted to the walls are stacked high with folded blankets of fur, accompanied by pillows of various sizes covered in soft and luxurious fabrics.  A few pieces of furniture sit covered in canvas drop cloths.  On the south wall of the room is a small oak door.
  • West Parlor
A ceiling washed in deep blue and indigo is studded with sparkling diamonds of white, yellow, and pale blue.  Constellations form and scatter as the gems inexplicably shift positions, as though the domed ceiling were fluid rather than stone.  The gems reflect the light cast by the flames of white candles, clustered on a low silver oval table.  A large grey sheepskin rug is soft underfoot, dotted with some tasseled blue velvet pillows.  The walls are bare, save for a black silk tapestry on the eastern wall.


  • Kitchens
Polished white stone countertops laden with copper cookware are fitted along three sides of this room.  A wide copper vent extends from the ceiling, ending above a large fire pit and roasting spit.  Above the counters are shelves neatly filled with silver and gold serving trays, tea sets, plates, and goblets.  The center of the fourth wall is occupied by a small oak door, flanked on either side by wooden hooks hung with heavy linen aprons.

Second Floor

  • Upper Landing
Sleek grey marble floors are covered at intervals with rugs in rich jewel tones.  Just to either side of the staircase, the spaces between intricately carved columns are draped with lengths of scarlet-swept ebon gossamer.  Recessed spaces on either side of the main corridor shelter a heavy grey velvet curtain and an onyx arch.  Enormous silver-dipped bone candelabrum hold blood-red candles that cast dancing lights over the floors and walls.
Obvious exits: north
  • Solarium
Elaborately carved columns reach up to support a seamless, perfectly domed glass ceiling.  Moonlight spills freely into the large space, illuminating several intimate seating areas of soft chairs and couches.  A pair of heavy red silk curtains hang from ebonwood hooks on the eastern wall.  The western wall is covered in a vivid mural, and the north end of the sunroom is a small grey marble staircase.
Obvious exits: east, south


The wall is painted floor to ceiling with a dramatic mountainside scene.  The background is washed in shades of ebon, deep blue, and charcoal, with faceted gems frozen as stars in the night sky.  The edges of jagged cliffs and rocky outcroppings are defined with streaks of platinum.  In the center of the mural is a majestic grey drake, wings spread in fearless flight.
  • Eastern Balcony
This expansive balcony edges the eastern portion of the house.  A low wall separates the edge of the balcony from a dizzying drop down the mountainside, where moonlight is engulfed by deep canyons filled with jagged outcroppings.  The air is brisk, and the area is empty except for an elaborate platinum stand.
Obvious paths: west


Five strong legs rise from the bottom of the large stand to a complicated concave top made of crisscrossed strips of platinum.  The stand is empty, and the grey marble of the balcony underneath the stand is scarred by a few blackened streaks.
  • Eastern Salon
Cozy and intimate, the walls of this small space are covered in dark green brocade silk.  A chandelier dangling green and white cut crystals throws dancing shards of light over the plush black fur rug and grey marble fireplace.  A soft green velvet couch and an oversized white velvet lounge are arranged around a sleek silver table inlaid with moss agate.  You also see a black willow door.
Obvious exits: out
  • Emerald Suite
Grey marble walls with veins of rich viridian enclose this rather spacious suite.  The ceiling is obscured by drapes of emerald-stitched grey brocade, rising to an apex around an elaborate mithglin chandelier set with silvery candles.  Looming large, a silver-swept mistwood bed is piled high with dark green pillows atop a charcoal-edged ebon blanket.  You also see a black willow door.
Obvious exits: none
  • Western Salon
Deep purple silk striped with onyx thread covers the walls of this luxurious room.  Black candles cluster on various surfaces, their violet flames casting an eerie light over the space and reflecting in the gleaming black marble floor.  A plum damask couch rests on the center of a thick sable rug.  You also see a black willow door.
Obvious exits: out
  • Sapphire Suite
Brocaded silk in a deep cobalt hue covers the walls, meeting with a sleek black marble floor veined in grey.  A canopied bed covered in blue and grey silks is flanked on either side by lacquered black willow nighstands, and the entire space is illuminated in patches by a smattering of candelight flickering behind filigree silver sconces.  You also see a black willow door.
Obvious exits: none

Upper Corridor

  • West Room
The dark grey carpet of this hallway is soft underfoot.  The sleek grey marble walls are plain, save for elaborate rose gold sconces holding tiny candles.  A modest landing allows one to look down on the solarium below before the corridor continues around a slight curve.  You also see a small grey marble staircase.
Obvious exits: east
  • East Room
The dark grey carpet of this hallway is soft underfoot.  The sleek grey marble walls are plain, save for elaborate rose gold sconces holding tiny candles.  The corridor ends abruptly with an inky silk tapestry.
Obvious exits: west


The charcoal and pale grey threads on the black background of this tapestry depict a long hallway, as though the art were an extension of the corridor itself.


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