Lielruel Nellereune Illistim

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Lielruel Nellereune Illistim was an elementalist of the prominent Nellereune family of House Illistim. Lielruel is most known for a text on the theory of elemental magic titled: "Earth and Ember, Wind and Water: An Elemental Codex". The thesis of this work postulates the idea that there are two overarching principles of elemental magic. Lielruel also pays lip service to the idea that "mana" itself is considered by some to be the fifth element, which is central to the action of magic regardless of which element is in play, with some elementalists preferring to call it "essence."

The Principles of Elemental Magic

  • The first principle is that an overtly "elemental" effect has as its origins a predominance of a primal elemental energy, such as a fireball being "influenced" by the element of Fire.
  • The second principle is that spells which are not overtly "elemental" are swayed by secondary influences of elemental energy, where similar kinds of effect have at their root some element.


"Earth and Ember, Wind and Water: An Elemental Codex" - 5109 Modern Era