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The Nellereune family was one of the most prominent of House Illistim. They are world famous for their work with magical artifacts, for which the Illistim themselves are famous as a whole. Whether it is cataloging, discovering, or producing them, the Nellereune have been associated with a vast diversity of devices. They are also the most prominent practitioners of Flow magic, which makes them highly productive in the realm of forming unfamiliar magical effects. Some prefer to search the world for ancient or obscure artifacts, perhaps things which ultimately would be hidden away by the Masters of Lore for being too dangerous.

The family was especially prominent following the Undead War, when they frequently worked on improving the wardings that defend the city from magical attacks. These blend so well into the background, they are usually not even noticed. Following the destruction of Maelshyve, Nerathas Nellereune Illistim played a major role in researching dreamstone amulets, the precursors to the crystal amulets and more powerful devices of their kind today. Veniom was first purified by Alerreth Nellereune Illistim, whose experiments led to the modern techniques of airship flight. The Argent Mirror Caladsal Illistim, whose rule coincided with the Sea Elf War, was also a member of the Nellereune family.

However, the family is often avoided, as Flow magic is dangerous. They were notorious for having magical accidents, with a tendency of getting themselves killed in the process.


Family Flourish: a twisting, complex array of blue and white flows

Family Statement: "Walking the unwalked path."

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