Life Stealer

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An exotic rune covered cutlass, called Life Stealer, is a broadsword based weapon that can instantly kill whatever it strikes. The blade is an ICE age weapon.


Note: These are all the properties when the blade was first found, there have been changes made that are not currently documented.

  • Despite being a cutlass, it is a broadsword base.
  • It has a 0x enchant.
  • It drains spirit from the wielder on a successful flare.
  • On a successful flare it will instantly kill the target.
  • The cutlass needs to be rubbed before it can be activated.



You rub your hand over the rune covered cutlass and it begins to warm to your your touch. You can feel it vibrate with eagerness, with a hunger for life!


The cutlass emits a long doleful wail as you swing to attack.
You swing an exotic rune covered cutlass at a manticore!

  OB: 104 vs DB: 71 = +33
  THT 63, d100 roll: 88, modified: 121
  ...and hits for 15 concussion points of damage!
  Hard blow!
  An extra 25 concussion points of damage.
  It is stunned!
Round time: 5 sec.

The cutlass suddenly grows warm in your hand! You feel it tearing at your very life force as the manticore suddenly jerks into a rigid stance, eyes wide with terror! It is held there for a moment of pure agony and then crumples to the ground in a lifeless heap as you feel your own life energy draining away.
The manticore screams one last time and dies.

You are in good shape.
You have no significant bleeding.

   Concussion pts: 88 remaining: 88 DBmod: 0
Life level points: 10 remaining: 5 mod: -25%