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A list of magical workshops in Elanthia. Additions to this list should include workshops that are deemed workshops via wizard sense.

You study your surroundings and use your keen knowledge of the arcane.  It quickly becomes evident that this room is a magical workshop.

Public Workshops

Mist Harbor

[Prestidigitorium] RNUM: 22463
White marble walls encapsulate this small entry room. The interior of the building is blocked by a heavy oak door. Twin torches are affixed to the wall on either side of the door and cast their light on the room, bathing the contents in a golden glow. A low table near the entry is covered with a scarlet cloth, on which rests several small trinkets that glitter in the torchlight. Wandering the room is a darkly robed illusionist, who scours the area with a harsh gaze.
Obvious exits: none

River's Rest

Located across Maelstrom Bay.

[Ruined Tower, Workshop] RNUM: 11506
Heavily corroded brass curtain rods are barely intact over the archway leading westward, the curtains that once draped over the arch long gone. A large crystal orb stands on a pedestal in the middle of the chamber, a bluish-green viscous fluid writhing on the interior of the sphere. The sphere gives off a faint glow that fills the chamber, highlighting the alembics, phials, crucibles and retorts that rest on an old workbench.
Obvious exits: none


Located on Aerie Way

[Artificer Tower] RNUM: 26797
The topmost chamber of the tower benefits from the structure's domed roof, opening up the space to twice the height of the rooms below. A ring of clerestory windows placed just beneath the cap of the dome itself let in a light tinged by their dark blue glass panes, a light which falls on the many banners and pennons hanging from the walls. In the center of the chamber, a stairway spirals downward.
Obvious exits: none

Wehnimer's Landing

Located in the basement of the Abandoned Inn.

[Smuggling Tunnels, Workshop] RNUM: 6928
The dirt and stone walls have been ashed and blackened by a powerful force of energy. What was once a mage's workshop is now little more than warped wrecks of metalwork and splintered bits of wood, laden with the scent of ozone and electricity. Nothing escaped whatever disaster occurred here, but the feeling of magic remains, putting the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck at attention.
Obvious exits: out

Located in the sea caverns off the Mine Road.

[Wolves' Den, Aramur's Workshop] RNUM: 8275
A long metal table lines the western and northern walls of this small chamber. The bottles, alembics, tubes and jars upon it are jumbled together and covered with dust. Strange symbols are etched on the ceiling and floor. A mural painted on the eastern wall depicts a flight of dragons soaring through a twilight sky.
Obvious exits: out

CHE Workshops

Beacon Hall

Open to the public at this time.

[Beacon Hall, Magical Workshop] RNUM: 19042
A strange orb in the center of the room glows softly, bathing everything in a fuzzy, ethereal light. Shelves containing old potions, scrolls and mortars fill one wall. Some barely discernable runes cover the opposite wall. Next to the orb's pedestal a heavy table partially hides a large chest. You also see a heavy glaes door.
Obvious exits: none

Helden Hall

[Helden Hall, Workshop] RNUM: 4277
Your pulse pounds and your skin tingles from the essence-saturated contents of this room. Images of weapons come to mind, fashioned from many different exotic ores being molded and sharpened to a degree you have only dreamed of. A large table sits in the center of the room, containing every imaginable type of item. A chest rests against the far wall and a pedal-driven whetstone takes up a full corner of the room. You also see a polished pine door.
Obvious exits: none

House Brigatta

[House Brigatta, Workshop] RNUM: 21328
The walls are slightly burned in spots where someone's apparently amateurish attempts at magic have gone awry. Dead center in the room is a heavy marble slab scratched and blackened from the powerful spells which have been cast in the room. The ceiling is covered with polished copper, the mirrored surface reflecting your movements. You also see a heavy mein door.
Obvious exits: none

House Phoenix

[Phoenix Annex, Workshop] RNUM: 21779
A faint trace of residual magic tingles your fingertips as you cross the threshold of this workshop. A domed window in the ceiling lets in bright sunlight that shines directly upon a well-worn and slightly charred desk strewn with various parchments and notes. The walls are lined with shelves and cabinets which contain beakers, flasks, and decanters of multi-colored liquids that sparkle in the light. You also see a sparkling black mein door and a wood cabinet with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none

House of Paupers

[Paupers, Workshop] RNUM: 24054
Hanging tapestries that decorate the four corners of this room accentuate the vaulted ceiling -- the symbols for fire, earth, air and water are all represented in the various designs. Jagged burns on the hardwood floor and several fingernail-sized gouges in the near wall offer evidence that suggests a powerful explosion, but from the looks of things it must have happened long ago. You also see an onyx-inlaid white glaes desk and an onyx and cherry wood door.
Obvious exits: none

House Sovyn

This is one of the few house workshops open to the public.

[House Sovyn, Workshop] RNUM: 20789
In this room you feel energy and power flowing all around you. You are amazed that you can see the courtyard from the inside, while from the outside you cannot see in. There are myriad crystal shelves and cabinets containing many rare magic items, strange powders and colored vials. A large crystal workbench with a red stone imbedded in it rests in the center of the floor. The moonlight that surrounds you is coming from the walls and the high windows in the tower. You also see a crystal door.
Obvious exits: out

House Sylvanfair

[Sylvanfair, Magical Workshop] RNUM: 26063
You can feel the magic in the air in this room. The walls are bare here, even of bark -- the ironwood walls have been blasted clean by past accidents. A large workbench fashioned from the same ironwood as the walls contains all manner of vials, jars, and papers.You notice an ironwood door and an ironbound chest with a duffel bag on it.
Obvious exits: north

Rone Academy

Open to the public at this time.

[Rone Academy, Magical Workshop] RNUM: 24486
The acrid scent of one too many spilled potions permeates the workshop, competing with the faint wax smell from what seems to be hundreds of burning candles. Their light eases the stark midnight black of the enchanting circle carved into the flagstone floor. A mithril-bound workbench is bolted to the north wall, its surface covered with empty vials and beakers, scorch marks and a copy of an elementary text on enchanting. You also see a massive iron door, a dusty old tome, a mithril-bound workbench and a scholarly human woman.
Obvious exits: none

Twilight Hall

[Twilight Hall, Magical Workshop] RNUM: 18851
Crystal towers ward the four corners of the workshop. Mana crackles and hums as it arcs between the orbs placed atop each, sending out tempestuous tendrils of energy writhing to and fro. A table, littered with dozens of odd-shaped tools and potions, shimmers in the pyrotechnic display. You also see a polished mahogany cabinet and a white krodera door.
Obvious exits: none

White Haven

[White Haven, Magical Workshop] RNUM: 25994
Steam rising from a dark cauldron is touched by prisms of color cast from the crystalline walls of the room. A floating orb hangs above a long wooden table set with chairs upholstered in finely-tooled leather. Bookcases lined with tomes of magic are placed against one wall while a low workbench graces another. You also see a mithril-bound chest.
Obvious exits: out

Private Workshops

Wehnimer's Landing

Kodo's Cottage

[Small Cottage, Workshop] RNUM: 7968
A huge glyph-covered slab, with a potion cabinet at one end, dominates the center of this room. The temperature here feels slightly warmer than the rest of the cottage. A faint scent of ozone lingers in the air about you, and a slight tingling sensation occasionally travels across your skin. Scrolls, and other miscellaneous items, lay scattered about the workshop. You also see a large trunk and a mithril door.
Obvious exits: none
  • Ye Oddity Workshop
  • Pan's Place [Aanalar's Workshop]
  • Inurtia's Cottage [Inurtia's Cottage, Workshop]

Teras Isle

  • Isle Retreat [Marc's Workshop]
  • Nordred's Barge [Trymble's Workshop]
  • Modwir [Nighthawk's Workshop]
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