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Lockpick cases are belt-worn fluff cases designed to hold lockpicks only. They were sold at The Master Key and have been available in the prize feeder at Ebon Gate.


You analyze the lockpick case and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "There do not seem to be any specific limitations."

The creator has also provided the following information:

This case can hold only lockpicks.  You will receive special messaging on WEAR, REMOVE, OPEN, and CLOSE.  There are no unlockable tiers.  It can be altered with a long or a show description, but the reference to the velvet compartments will always be a part of the show.

You can tell that the case is as light as it can get, but you might be able to have a talented merchant deepen its pockets for you.


Verb First Third
WEAR You reach down and carefully attach your bone-inlaid case to your <belt>. XXX reaches down and carefully attaches her bone-inlaid case to her <belt>.
REMOVE You reach down and carefully remove your bone-inlaid case from your <belt>. XXX reaches down and carefully removes her bone-inlaid case from her <belt>.
OPEN With a flick of your wrist, you release the clasp on your bone-inlaid case, and it snaps open. XXX snaps a jet-black bone-inlaid case with an ivory and silver latch closed and its clasp clicks into place.
CLOSE You snap your bone-inlaid case closed and its clasp clicks into place. With a flick of her wrist, XXX releases the clasp on her bone-inlaid case, and it snaps open.

Additional Information


The interior of the case is divided up into nine thin compartments, each just big enough to hold a single lockpick.  The compartments are lined with soft black velvet to protect their contents.

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Lockpick case Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Container
Item(s) Applied to Beltworn
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Yes
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate 2018
Restrictions Show will always indicate velvet lining.