Locks Picked & Lockpicks

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Locks Picked & Lockpicks is the locksmith shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located through a nondescript doorway in a dark alley at the west end of Garnet Street on the west side of town due west from the bridges to Ghorsa Isle.

[Locks Picked & Lockpicks]
Darkness seems to be the theme for this room as it has no lighting save for what washes in from the entrance. Before you is a short wooden counter with an odd-looking tree of keys resting on it, beneath which is a small note. A dusty wooden crate sits in a shadowed corner. Behind the counter, a slit-eyed halfling watches you with a practice-wary gaze. You also see the infamous Kniknak Sneakyfeet and a small wooden sign.


Item Price
a burnished copper lockpick 100
a shiny steel glaesine-tipped lockpick 500
a twisted gold lockpick 2000
a simple ora lockpick 5000
a blackened mithril lockpick 6000
a fine-toothed sparkling glaes lockpick 9500
a delicate silvery alum lockpick 23000
a platinum and dark rolaren lockpick 36000
a gold-chased kelyn lockpick 62000
an etched invar lockpick 75000
a dusty brown locksmith's toolkit 200
a set of professional calipers 7000