Loneliness' Womb (poetry)

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Loneliness' Womb

Author: player of Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav

I never knew my father, that's how my story goes.
And I was but four when mother was in her death throes.
I wondered o'er the hillsides with my brothers in the snow,
As I grew up, the woods my friends, for brothers come and go.

Alone I went from wooded mountains to paved old Landing
Her streets they turned and twist, and confused my understanding.
I made my way to `Haven, to a Matriarch's garden.
For a time I thought that I'd earned loneliness' pardon.

Then fires raged a sword ablaze, and blood fell with thunder.
One fell stroke, my world had broke, and I was left to blunder.
A world in war, and I to fight as payment for my care-
Lady of heart, who knew my part, in fealty I would swear.

The Matriarch said "Don't forget the loving Lady's pardon
That soaked into your little bones, while sitting in her garden."
She believed, as I departed, her lady's love infused me.
And with it I would find a way to set a war-torn world free.

I never knew my father, that's how the story goes.
And I was but four when mother was in her death throes.
I thought that I'd find a home in a Matriarch's loving garden.
But I was young, and naive, and not yet battle hardened.

I met a woman on the eve of the first long battle-
When Dark Lords made my Haven's ground shake, spin and rattle.
She was strange, but I was stranger, and sisters we became.
Fate is cruel and hearts much crueler as shadows laid her claim.

Third battle broke on `Haven soil when she and I first met.
She feared arrows, I feared worse but a rose we went to get.
My heart and friendship went to her, as hers went unto mine.
When I wept she was there, her touch that of motherly design.

I met a man, the biggest man I'd ever laid my eyes upon.
Wearing metal from head to toe to enhance his grizzly brawn.
Gruff of body, strong of heart, the man was like no other.
And in his arms I learned the embrace of a loving father.

I saw a woman, skin milky white with leather in her hair.
Brought under a crane, neutrality was placed in our care.
It was a gift, for me you see, to have her at my side.
My sister in spirit, in spite of a war gone worldwide.

I never knew my father, that's how the story goes.
And I was but four when mother was in her death throes.
With the Lady's Love as my pardon, my heart was embraced
With Love given and taken in a family I was placed.

Trapped in a web that I thought only a spider could weave
My heart, my loving family, had a dark goal to achieve.
And I with an opposing oath that I could not deceive
Nor my Fate in their plight could I have ever have perceived.

When the war was joined and the final battle upon us
An angel gathered and sent us to stop Dark?s progress
She placed a sickle in my hands, darkly glistening, Death's Blade.
A wave of blade, a world was saved, and a loving family betrayed.

Now in the end, what's done is done, and I was Fate's lone Child.
A bit of hope, a splash of love and all of Zelia's Wild.
But not enough, it would seem to keep me from my tomb.
I'm back where I began my tale, in Loneliness' Womb.