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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Shores of Lough Ne'Halin hunting area. The Shores of Lough Ne'Halin hunting area is nearest to the town of Wehnimer's Landing. It is found on the Tsoran map WL-lysierian.

Official Description

The winding shore wavers from northwest to southeast along the misty fog-covered lake. Bordered mostly by pine trees and lake reeds, the shores provide a calm mysterious view for travellers upon the Old Noralgar road that mirrors its path.

Rumors: Deep within the lough lies an unspeakable terror. When questioning locals about it, they refused to say anything at all. Curious.

Behind the Scenes

Lough Ne'halin translates as "lake without salt", presumably playing off the Lake of Tears, associated with purgatory in the old death mechanics. Similarly, Castle Anwyn appears partly based on St. Patrick's Purgatory, located on Lough Derg. Noralgar is likely an anagram for Ragnorak, possibly including a portmanteau with Nagual, the mythological term for shapeshifting pumas such as Marliese from the Estrion story. Likewise, the NPC Norandar in the Castle Anwyn story was clearly playing off Noralgar forest, which may refer to the Noranda region of Perth, Australia, an allusion to "The Shadow out of Time" which is the subtext for The Graveyard. The rumor section is a Loch Ness Monster joke, but might refer to the Jimmy Carter "killer rabbit" incident from 1979. The Rabbit of Caerbannog (Welsh: "castle with turrets") from Monty Python and the Holy Grail can be interpreted in the castle barracks. Similarly, "On the Shores of Lough Neagh" was an album of Irish folk songs, released in 1978.

The "Selkie Clearing" refers to another form of mythological shapeshifting water spirit, like a seal mermaid, formed from the souls of the drowned.

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