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Lyrile will gift the player various woven bracelets in exchange for donations of silver.

Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender female
Race unknown
Status Alive
Alias/Title a tall robe-clad solacebringer


Swathed in layers of chainsil and leather, the healer looks well-equipped to provide necessary treatment for a variety of ills.  A latticed bandolier of dried herbs and sinew-strung potions covers her chest, the container dangling several rolls of linen bandages and a small pair of snips.  The solacebringer's warm sea blue eyes gaze out attentively for patients, her slender hands thumbing a carved driftwood totem.


  • Tendrils of silvery-grey mist obscure the area, all the while, the solacebringer making her best attempt at clearing the area with a feathered smudging fan.
  • The solacebringer thumbs her driftwood totem carefully, closing her eyes in quiet meditation. She hums a faint shanty as she opens her eyes once again, a subtle smile gracing her delicate face.