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Meeting Hall Organization is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Welcome to the GemStone IV Meeting Hall Organizations wiki section. Here you will find in-depth information regarding how to successfully operate an MHO in the land of Elanthia. A great deal of thanks is due to GMs Mitra, Reidyn, Kenstrom, Haliste, Elysani, and all the other wonderful GMs who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of all MHOs over the years, without whom this site would not be possible.

Note: Certain pages will be locked down as official documentation on MHOs, but most pages will remain open for player updates and editing as per usual.

Meeting Hall Organizations

A Meeting Hall Organization ("MHO") is an organization run by the players of GemStone IV. Any group with a defined purpose which is open to new members and engages in activities which involve the greater community is eligible to form an MHO.

MHOs are run out of a Town Meeting Hall, which provides a location for member groups to meet as well as services that aid in the running of events and activities. Each Hall contains several reservable meeting rooms, a place to rent services such as food carts and themed tents, a shop to purchase unique group insignia and other supplies, and a private tavern. The Hall also allows groups to issue news items and event announcements. Some services are available immediately upon joining, others become available after time and demonstrated community involvement.

MHO Information

Contacting the MHO GM

Current MHO GM: GM Xynwen

The MHO GM should always be contacted using the shared email address: This email address includes both the Prime and Plat MHO GMs, as well as a few others who can step in when one of the MHO GMs is absent.

Email Best Practices:

  • Descriptive, yet succinct, email subject header that includes your MHO's name (or its abbreviation)
    • Best Practice Example: [MHOs]Order of Xynwen: Calendar Submission
  • Include your MHO, PC name, and contact email in the body of the email
  • All questions, concerns, suggestions are welcome!