Madalie (prime)

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Madalie Travers
Race Human
Culture Talador
Class Ranger
Profession Commoner
Religion Imaeran
Likes animals, nature
Dislikes Church of Koar


Born during Ivastaen of 5101 in the small hamlet of Longleaf on the outskirts of the capital city of Talador, Madalie was the second of three children. Her parents, an ostler named Derych and an herbalist, Margareta, owned a stable adjacent to their hamlet's inn. Her siblings were Rowland, a year older than herself, and Lieselotte, six years younger.

By all accounts, that is to say solely her own as the only survivor, it was a commonplace, yet idyllic childhood.

In the year 5116, Talador was destroyed. Madalie was 15 years old.

  • Talador, 5116 - a vignette during the year the Bleaklands were created


You see Madalie Travers.
She appears to be a Human from Talador.
She is tall. She appears to be very young. She has wide-set hazel eyes and tanned skin. She has very long, glossy dark brown hair laced with bright copper highlights. She has a heart-shaped face, a straight nose and a series of long, thin scars running the length of her jawline.
She is wearing a gold-edged blood marble pendant, a threadbare cloak, a rugged dark brown leather pack, an off-the-shoulder white cotton blouse, some burnished spiked double leather, a polished wide modwir wristcuff, a threadbare muslin sack, a flowing russet linen skirt with overlapping layered handkerchief hemlines, and a deep red ankle sheath wreathed with thorny black roots.