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Makeup 2.0 applies the style of makeup to the users unique feature field. It was sold in the Evermore Hollow shop, Conjured Couture, in 2022. Like the older style cosmetics, Makeup 2.0 products can be removed with makeup cloths such as cotton balls, cotton squares, and cotton cleansing cloths.


You analyze your aged silver compact and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This aged silver compact contains a veil of vividly inked flora cheek makeup that when applied via WEAR will alter your UNIQUE feature in the following manner:

She has a veil of vividly inked flora framed in gilded leaves across her cheekbones.

Please note that if you are already wearing an item that temporarily modifies your UNIQUE feature, you cannot wear this product at the same time.

This compact has 20 uses remaining.

A talented merchant could change the color of the makeup or how it appears in your features.  They could also refill the compact for you.

You get no sense of whether or not the compact may be further lightened


Verb Style First Third
WEAR Style You gently uncap the wand of your aged silver compact, then carefully begin to apply your makeup, brushing your cheeks in circular motions. Perfection. XXX gently uncaps the wand of her aged silver compact, then carefully begins to apply her cosmetic
Makeup 2.0 Information
Type Fluff
Feature altering
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Feature(s) Altered Unique
Original Release Venue Evermore Hollow
Original Release Year 2022
Item Verbs

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