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Training in Mana Control skills determines a character's ability to manipulate mana in the appropriate sphere (elemental, spiritual, mental). This allows a character to transfer mana to others trained in the same sphere and control the use of mana in some spells and special abilities, adding benefits similar to Lores (e.g. use of the MANA command). Training Mana Control skills appropriate to a profession's sphere(s) will also add to a character's mana regeneration and grant the ability to multicast defensive spells.

Any race or profession may develop the capacity to transfer mana points to any other race or profession, so long as the receiver and sender are both trained in the same Mana Control sphere. The command to transfer mana points between two spell users is SEND, in the form SEND {amount} {recipient name}. The receiving and sending characters must be in the same room. The amount of mana successfully transferred will depend on the combined Mana Control skill, and over training by one party may compensate for under training by the other. The maximum percentage of mana that can be sent is 95% without the use of channeling crystals made via Alchemy.

As mentioned above, training in the appropriate Mana Control skill can provide many benefits to spell casters. The numerous benefits are detailed on the individual Mana Control skill pages (as well as applicable spell/ability pages):

Training in the appropriate Mana Control sphere for one's profession will increase the amount of mana gained per pulse by 1 per 10 ranks for non-hybrid professions. Hybrid professions will receive 1 per 10 ranks in their primary sphere (the Mana Control they have the greater amount of training in), and an additional 1 per 20 ranks in their secondary sphere (the lesser trained of the two).

Finally, every 25 ranks trained in an appropriate Mana Control sphere will grant a character an additional multicast. When casting defensive spells (self cast or on others), the number of times to cast that spell may be specified and the cast will last the duration as if that spell had been cast the number of specified times. The mana cost is the same as if the spell had been cast as many times as specified, but the cast roundtime remains at 3 seconds.

Characters trained mana controls to gain applicable additional benefits from spells activated by items using Magic Item Use or scrolls using Arcane Symbols will receive full benefits when the spell cast through the item/scroll is a native learned spell to the character's profession, a minor circle spell, or known through a spell knowledge enhancive item. When the spell is a major circle or unknown profession base spell, only half of the pertinent mana control ranks count toward the effect of the spell activated/invoked. This penalty additionally applies in cases where a spell cast on a character uses the target's Mana Control skill, rather than the caster's, as is the case with Rapid Fire (515).

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