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Lores were implemented in the switch to GemStone IV to provide greater training options and profession diversity. Different lores enhance different spells, and some spells are enhanced by multiple lores to provide different benefits. See each specific lore article to see which spells it affects, and see the lore chart for a breakdown of how many ranks are needed to achieve specific benefits.

Each profession may only train in each lore category up to a limited number of ranks per level. For example, a Level 18 Wizard may have up to 2x(18+2) = 40 total ranks in Elemental Lores, which may be put into 40 ranks of Elemental Lore, Earth, or 20 ranks each in Elemental Lore, Air and Elemental Lore, Water.

Elemental Lore

2x for Sorcerers, Wizards
1x for other professions

Sorcerous Lore

2x for Sorcerers
1x for other professions

Spiritual Lore

2x for Clerics, Empaths, Paladins
1x for other professions

Mental Lore

2x for Empaths
1x for other professions

When casting a spell from a non-native spell circle (using a scroll, magic item, or other means), the caster's lore training may only be partially effective depending on the type of circle:

Spellcasting creatures can also take advantage of lore effects. Most creatures are considered to have about 0.5x training in relevant lore skills.