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A tough leather pouch studded with zephyr hound teeth and tied with a silver chain, known as The Mana Pouch or Seymoor. The pouch will store mana by destroying magical items that have been be provided to the user.




Verb First Third
CLOSE (with magic item inside) You tug the chains on the leather pouch until it shuts.

The leather pouch begins to rumble and growl ferociously as it hops and squirms about! Something seems to be thrashing around inside!

It suddenly becomes still again....A bit of dingy steam escapes from the pouch's opening.

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RUB You rub the leather pouch. A painful shock runs up your arm, but after the pain ebbs, you realize your magical reserves have increased! This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!

Additional Information

The mana pouch was originally owned by the legendary wizard Dartaghan Darkstar. When he retired from the lands, ownership passed to Tedra De'Arr.


  • The pouch takes any item that contains mana and will destroy it and store the mana.
  • There is no limit to the number of items the pouch can destroy.
  • There is no known limit to the amount of mana the pouch can hold.
  • Rubbing the pouch will provide all of the stored mana back to the user up to 2x the user's maximum mana.
  • All of the mana stored in the pouch is used each rub.
  • Magic item use is required to get mana back from the pouch.
    • At 101 MIU ranks 66% of the mana in the pouch is returned.
    • At 202 MIU ranks 100% of the mana in the pouch is returned.

Power Reduction

  • At some point the requirement for Magic item use was added.
  • The pouch did not originally have a maximum to the amount of mana returned to the user.

Other information

  • Before the enchanting changes, this pouch was a major contributor to the creation of 10x items, due to its large mana capacity which allowed for rapid enchanting.
  • Crystal amulets contained the old thought-net spell (118), and were frequently used as the primary magical item source for the pouch.
Mana Pouch Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to
Legendary Yes
Item Verbs