Mangy red-haired man

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An NPC found at the Fisherman's Quay in Solhaven.


Looking quite pale and rather skinny, the man is a middle-aged human with slicked back red hair that ends in two alternating braids. His sharp hawk-nose and bushy eyebrows give him an almost rat-like look, and his constantly shifting eyes only add to the illusion.


You can rent a boat from this NPC in order to go lobster fishing.

If you ask him about BOATs, you'll get: The man looks at you and says, "So, ya wanna rent a boat, eh? Well, it's 500 silvers and ya can stay out as long as ya want. Ya can drop yer lobstah cages 'round dere. Jest ASK me about boats agin if ya wanna rent one."

If you ask him about LOBSTERS you'll get: The man says, "Lobstahs is good eatin, Dundren buys his stuff 'ere, ya know." He nods in a proud manner, then continues, "Ya jest find a pot ta cook 'em in, usually deres one 'round 'ere somewheres. Just put da lobstah innit and watch 'em turn red! If ya wanna buy a cage, ASK me about 'em, and if ya wanna rent a boat, ya can ASK me about boats too!"

If you ask him about CAGES you'll get: The man says, "Cages? Dats how ya catch lobstahs, jest DROP it when yer inna boat. Then ya jest wait a while, and ya might getta catch. Real easy, ya see. I jest leave mine overnight and check on 'em inna mornings. If ya wanna buy one, jest GIVE me 500 silvers ta buy one."

Ambient Scripts

  • The red-haired man leans back and whistles a little ditty, though his eyes always shift back and forth looking for a new customer.
  • The red-haired man says, "Aw, ya wanna lobstah-cage, eh? Deres lotsa good spots round 'ere. Jest ASK me about cages and ah'll tell ya all about 'em."
  • The red-haired man walks over to a pile of crates nearby and inspects them for a bit, shooing away a few rats that appeared to have taken up residence. The man glances over at you and says, "What? Dose ain't rats. Dey wuz atmosphere."
  • A mangy red-haired man yells, "Gitcher lobstah cages right 'ere! Rent yer boats right 'ere! Real cheap catchin yer own grub! Its awl da rage in ah... ah... it's awl da rage 'ere!"