Maralah (platinum)

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Maralah Aeratheil
Race Elf
Culture Loenthra
Profession artist
Religion affinity with Jastev
Hobbies painting
Loved One Virion


You see Maralah Aeratheil.
She appears to be a Loenthra Elf.
She is tall and has a small-boned build. She appears to be very young. She has almond-shaped, violet-tinged dark grey eyes and ivory skin. She has long, sleek mahogany hair cut just below her shoulder blades. She has a delicate, diamond-shaped face, a small nose and a pointed chin. She has dappled tarnished silver lacquer brushed onto her long rounded fingernails.
Her shadow stretches out behind her, partially overlapped by a second, hazier silhouette.
She is wearing a narrow violet feystone vial spiral-wrapped with silver wire, a sweeping cloak of layered pale silk velvet, a sleeveless pale elesine dress with silver-tinged violet brocade godets with a filmy white organza chemise with hanging split sleeves underneath, a textured silver bracelet, a grey silk jacquard pouch, a silver burnt velvet tote, a silver-grained lacewood herb kit, a soft leather coin bag bound with veniom, and some ankle-strapped ebon kidskin boots.


Painted via an artist's easel.

Ashanor and His Penguin, Charlatos 5121
Golden sunlight fills the semi-circular room, casting a warm tint to the four-poster white birch bed. A young dwarf with rigidly spiked crimson-tipped anthracite black hair and marine blue eyes has a blissful yet dazed look on his heavily freckled face as he snuggles up to a soft grey emperor penguin, who appears to be pushing at him with its flippers. The baby penguin's eyes are narrowed as if with indignation, and its black beak is open as it breathes green-tinged fumes directly into the dwarf's face.
Virion and Gini in Ta'Illistim, Charlatos 5121
In the foreground, a formidably tall Elf with long silver blonde hair holds a pudgy grey kitten aloft by the scruff of her neck, his grey-green eyes staring into her bright amber ones. His features bear a weary, resigned expression, contrasting her smug, mischievous countenance. Strewn around them are silver-shaded white peacock feathers, a few metallic tufts clinging to her mouth and paws. Artfully depicted in the background, stone and marble buildings emphasize the towering height of a white obelisk.
Purl Having a Snack, Charlatos 5121
A small human girl is crouched amid crumbling gravestones framed by dark trees with barren, spindly limbs that stretch toward the sky. White-streaked unruly jet hair tumbles around her blood-spattered face as she leans over a chestnut-haired gnome, whose face is turned to the side to gaze outward with empty tawny brown eyes. The human tears at the gnome's abdomen, her tiny hands yanking out fistfuls of entrails. Set beside the pair is a threadbare teddy bear, its patched paws splashed with incarnadine.
Ilande in the Underdais, Charlatos 5121
The floating dais lies in ruins across Shimmerglin Court, its fluted white marble columns cracked and their remnants scattered across the courtyard. Peeking out from beneath a splintered mistwood bench is a shredded beryl green gown and a single faenor sandal. Gazing mournfully at the scene is the decapitated head of a young female elf, her wavy silver-gilt hair spilling down into a sanguine puddle. A heavy grey stormcloud hovers above the head, discharging small arcs of lightning as it rains upon her.
Qoshkalia's First Horse, Charlatos 5121
A statuesque dark elf leans over a rough-hewn lor table covered with coconut shavings and art supplies, her long, violaceous curls brushing against dark paint smears. The tip of her tongue pokes out of the corner of her mouth and her peridot eyes are narrowed, as if she is intent upon her task, as she methodically paints the coconut shell in her hand with luminous black paint. Its mate rests on the table, already painted and glowing eerily. Behind her, assorted tack can be seen, all in meticulous repair.
Rafferty's Birthday Surprise, Charlatos 5121
A scruffy, russet-haired half-sylvan stands in a marketplace, wearing an infuriated yet resigned expression partially obscured by his faded leather eyepatch. Piles of opened giftboxes surround him, spilling their contents across the ground. One of his umber boots is set atop one such gift, crushing the navy felt tricorne underfoot. Intricate brushstrokes detail other gifts, including splintery peg legs, rusted hooks, and miniature ships in bottles. His fellow guests peek out from nearby, snickering openly.
Ilande's Birthday Fireworks, Charlatos 5121
In the first panel, a wide-eyed, very young Elven child leans over a towering birthday cake artfully festooned with pink and white frosting, her chair tipping forward. In the second panel, she has fallen face first into the cake, its frosting now smeared all over her silver-gilt hair and the table beside her. The final panel shows her tiny chair having been flung backward into stacks of gifts and fireworks, which are exploding up toward the ceiling.
The Idealized Ilande, Charlatos 5121, painted as an IC request
A faint, hazy golden glow surrounds the tall, silvery-haired Elf, blurring out her surroundings. She is been depicted in a traditional cotehardie dyed in a subtle ombre of jade and onyx. A pristine silken fan partially obscures her lovely face with its faenor blades, and her other arm is extended in a graceful curve above her head. Her gold-flecked sea green eyes gaze outward, their expression confident yet secretive. The brushstrokes appear hesitant throughout, as if the artist struggled with the concept.
Issalya Enchants Nautecer, Charlatos 5121
A silver-haired Elven woman stands in the middle of the road, her elegant clothing disheveled and dusty. She stares up at a surprisingly fashionable troll, her large blue eyes rounded in surprise as she takes in his cravat, pants, and the large bottle of perfume he appears to be dousing himself in. The troll leans toward her, his homely face filled with hope and yearning. Both of her hands positioned before her face, with their fingers splayed, as if she is trying to fan away an overpowering scent.