Marinae (prime)

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Marinae Morcant
Created using Midjourney AI
Race Human
Culture Vornavis
Hometown Solhaven
Class Ranger
Affiliation(s) Free Captains' Company
Best Friend Phillipia

Marinae is a young, lifelong resident and citizen of Solhaven, her family having been citizens of Vornavis as long as anyone can remember. Marinae's father is a fisherman, although scuttlebutt claims he has history as a privateer.

Marinae spends much of her time on her sloop, The Prosperous Violet Waverunner, with her companion, Spot, as well as her friend, Pippa.

Spot, Created via Midjourney AI subscription service
Pippa, Created via Midjourney AI subscription service


Feastday 7 of Lormesta

Assisted in the transport of goods from Solhaven to Wehnimer's Landing.

Leyan 8 of Fashanos

Assisted in the search for a missing passenger who had been aboard the Vornavian Navy vessel, Starseeker.