Market Bridge Bakery

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Market Bridge Bakery is a food shop in Solhaven. It is located on Bayside Road, just north of North Market.

[Market Bridge Bakery]
Loaves, cookies, pastries and cakes crowd the display cases, and the scents of spices and oven-fresh goods fill the air. The worn oak planks of the floor and the ivory patina of the plaster walls suggest that this is a business of long standing in the port, while the faint trail of floured barefoot prints to and from the kitchen door attest to the natural talents of the staff. However, it also leaves room for speculation as to how many items never reach the display case. You also see the baker Rolly Siphter and a wooden sign.


Welcome to The Market Bridge Bakery!

The baker Rolly Siphter offers his catalog to browse.
Rolly exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a loaf of braided oatmeal bread   6. a piece of birthday cake
  2. a plump ginger cookie             7. a frosted Dwarven bundt cake
  3. a spiced hazelnut cookie          8. a frosted Elven chocolate cake
  4. a custard-filled danish           9. a layered wedding cake
  5. a frosted birthday cake           10. a piece of wedding cake

Rolly Siphter

A round, jovial little halfling grins out from a flour-dusted face.  In fact, most of him seems to be covered in flour, making the color of his clothing difficult to distinguish.  His feet are definitely bare though, and his eyes are a striking, twinkling blue.

The smell of something burning slowly invades your nose, and after a moment, Rolly gets a horrified look on his face and goes rushing into the back. A moment later, he re-enters the room, looking dejected.

A cloud of dust rises from behind the counter. Rolly's infectious laughter follows as he rolls out from behind the counter and springs to his feet.

Rolly seems to have gone on yet another break, as he opens up the nearest display case and starts to munch on a cookie. When he notices you watching, he mumbles around a mouthful something about sampling.