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Campaign information for Xorus Kul'shin, bought and paid for by the Committee to Obey Xorus.

Irrelevant Details

Xorus and his Demon Pony

Who Is Xorus?

Xorus Kul'shin is an occult philologist and Vice Chancellor Emeritus of the Hazalred Thaumaturgical Institute, one of many transient heads of the Faendryl antiquaries society. He is a specialist in esoteric lore and heterodox or apocryphal theology from the Age of Darkness, the study of extrachthonic and dead languages, the history and praxis of various branches of the black arts including forms of higher necromancy, the archaeology of cryptic and malevolent pre-historical sites especially of the Ur-Daemon or other primordial manifestations, and the recovery of antiquities or dangerous artifacts.


Xorus is a member of the Order of the Black Flame in Rhoska-Tor, which is known by various other epithets, such as the Balefire Club and the Black Claw. Locally, he is known to hold some authority within House Brigatta, and is a member of the Order of the Shadow, the Faendryl Enclave, and various other less public societies. He was occult advisor to Mayor Cruxophim and chief advisor to Mayor Lylia.

Campaign Team

Why Should I Obey Xorus?


Yog-Sothoth Save Me, The Three Lobed Burning Eye.


  • The Empire: The town council of Wehnimer's Landing has capitulated repeatedly to the declaration of 5115 that these lands are an imperial protectorate of Tamzyrr, issued by Earl Eddric Jovery through Sir Thadston Andrews who is now a member of this town council. With the appointment of Cordarius of the Hall of Mages as our foreign ambassador, it is not possible for us to pretend we are a sovereign power, however dependent on the northern imperial territories for our imports and exports. Xorus will seek to secure from the Northern Sentinel letters patent declaring this town the capital of the Darkstone Bay region, for whom all rights to resources are reserved, such that all material issuing from our dominion without our seal will be treated as smuggling and contraband under imperial law.

  • Independence: With this he will greatly strengthen our power, until such time other opportunities have manifested. In the span of only two or three decades there will no longer be a Northern Sentinel, returning us to the potential depredations of the northern baronies, or else a new Sentinel of unknown disposition and temperament. The Valley of Gold treaty with Illistim may no longer hold if a new Mirror sits upon the Peacock Throne. In such times it may be possible to become our own kingdom, or else our own barony, ruled under our own Baron of Darkstone with all the liberties worth keeping.

  • Diversity: The Sun Throne cannot rule all of its feudal territories in the same manner regardless of their local characters. The threat was always instead from the aggressive aspirations of the northern baronies, who are now too weak from years of slaughter to project their force upon us directly. It is more trouble than it is worth to incorporate our lands. With the northwest as the only "free" region of the continent, it has become a melting pot of traditions. The Empire would have little choice but to accept the reality of our bloodlines if it meant it were ruled without hostility. Xorus would leverage our diversity, convincing the Empire it is far more valuable to not interfere with our autonomy and various "freedoms", as many matters which cannot be conducted elsewhere are still possible here by virtue of it.

  • Order: The Brotherhood of Rooks has exceeded the bounds of tolerance for criminal enterprises. Wealth and prosperity from our warm relations with the Empire will slowly eviscerate their appeal, but until such time they must cease to extort and make demands of our government. Their leadership must limit themselves to trafficking certain illicit goods for the profit of the state, or else they must be executed with extreme prejudice unless and until they obey the Mayor. For far too long the Mayor of this town has had to stand powerless before such knavery, unable to command the militia or law enforcement. Xorus will seek to consolidate his own power with paramilitaries who answer only to himself, much as we did in the reign of terror on Mist Harbor. These death squads will bring peace and order to all.

  • Inclusion: Only Xorus is willing to be a friend to all within our dominion who would be our friends. For too long the "Adventurer's Guild" has committed unwarranted aggression against his Sheruvian colleagues, the religious community of the Spider Temple, the lizardmen of the Coastal Cliffs and many others. Rogue actors have repeatedly drawn us into unnecessary conflict with practitioners of the dark arts even when they pose no immediate threat to ourselves. Xorus worked with "The Alchemist" in spite of his protege having intended on murdering him. He healed the heiress of Bourth with his unique knowledge of demon blood. His methods were crucial for ultimately revealing the paragons of Raznel. Whether it be Grishom Stone, Quinshon, or whomever else, Xorus will aid us all.

  • Krolvin: When the works of Praxopius are released to Xorus, he will know how "The Alchemist" weaponized his work. Only Xorus has the knowledge, vision, and will to expand this beyond the immediate kin of Kragnack. It will be worked further until it is lethal against the whole krolvin bloodline, spreading among them as the blackblood curse before it, until their every mongrel brat and rotting womb is annihilated from the soil and seas of the world. By the gods, we will leave no survivors, or else leave them hopelessly enslaved to us. Only then will we know true prosperity and maritime supremacy.

  • Dark Magic: Time and again history has proven that only by embracing "dark magic" may we master it enough to transcend the threat of it. The imperial pretext of this region as a harbor for sorcery and the dark arts is to be celebrated rather than condemned. Without the Palestra, Althedeus would have won. Without the study of demonic blood, the Blameless would remain invincible, and Larsya of Bourth forever uncured. Without the necromantic arts of harrowing the veil, the paragons of Raznel would have remained a mystery, and the Bleaklands would now be the whole world. The Hall of Mages is like a carpenter's guild which has dedicated itself to mending the stone walls of a city where it has outlawed masonry. Xorus would make legal the major demonic and provide all "dark elves" a safe haven.

  • Borders: No one else will be as vigilant in minding all of our borders. Xorus alone possesses the vision to make use of our hellish realms and herniated weaknesses in the veil. Shadow Valley, the Broken Lands, the Red Forest, Melgorehn's Reach, the Bleaklands and the Shadow Realm. Even the Elemental Confluence. With such commitment he is willing to personally rule from our western, eastern, and otherworldly borders in Darkstone Castle and Castle Anwyn. When bringing forth the might of all of our neighbors, the Empire will pay for a northern Demonwall. Wards will be arranged with Estrion.

  • Asylum Seekers: Immigration of asylum seekers is the cornerstone of promoting our strength through diversity. Xorus will welcome all from the southern wastelands, the heart of the Wyrdeep, and the religiously persecuted from the darkest depths of all other lands. With this influx of utter madness and enlightenment he will build the finest asylums that have ever existed outside of Ta'Faendryl.

  • Punishment: The most dangerous place in the world is the southern wastelands, and no where is safer than the capital of the Faendryl Empire. It is the severe and unforgiving spirit of its laws that allows this greatness. Theft is met with removal of the hands or eyes. Assault is met with whipping. With weapons, flaying. This realm is plagued with chaos through the inexcusable leniency of its judges. Xorus is committed to instituting the harshest corporal punishments for even the most minor of infractions. More severe crimes will no longer be met with fines, but torture and public executions, with the finest and most horrific methods of the imagination. Where the Lady of Winter would foster anarchy with her mercy, we shall turn to necromancy, Luukosian deathwort, and burning souls in mawfire as street lights.


Overheard on the campaign trail...

* Absolute Authority

"The ends do not 'justify the means', the means do not require justification. The end is all that matters."

"The boundary of a boundary is nothingness. Out of bondage the only hope will be oblivion."

"Civil disobedience is still disobedience, sedition is not peaceful assembly."

"Thralls will know only terror until they have nothing left to fear."

"Free will is the freedom to obey my will."

* Crime and Punishment

"The law is a fiction between the powerful and the powerless. When criminals are broken, justice prevails."

"Public endangerment is only a crime in the minds of idiots, children, and their idiot caretakers."

"Octaven is a criminal in good standing. Pylasar is not. He will suffer for it."

"There are worse fates than death. Why are we not using them?"

* The Empire

"Hochstib was never willing, or able, to go far enough to master these lands. When I am Baron of Darkstone, I will not be so kind."

"... and I will count myself among many fine human nobles before me, such as Malwind, Hochstib, and now the heir of Bourth."

"The Elves never needed their own Chaston's Edict. That is how everyone else came to be in the West."

"In every alliance there is a horse and a rider, but no horse was ever the 'ally' of its master."

"Walkar was only wrong to usurp Talador because in the end he failed."

* The Rooks

"The poor will suffer without the heat of their burning corpses, as I would not risk setting fire to the town walls."

"Flock together as a murder if they dare; but beware, I will impale them for the sport of their own crows."

"Rysus would have made a fine court jester. Pity he was murdered with my good works."

* Religion

"The Arkati are little more than an idiot child who becomes a prodigy at arithmetic after being kicked in the head by a mule."

"Wickedness has only ever existed through the utter and total negligence of the sick old man of Aenatumgana."

"The Blameless were fanatics and genocidal zealots regardless. The witch merely made them useful."

"Never again shall we be slaves to misguided idealism and perverse excesses of morality."

* Orphans and Urchins

"Brothels are the only orphanages that pay for themselves, and the only that offer a path to apprenticeship."

"Children are not our most precious resource. Without the Glaoveln slave trade, they are priceless."

"The impoverished will be paid to beg and look miserable out the windows of our feast halls."

"It is more cost effective to slaughter cattle than humans for veal."

"Wards of the state must be made useful to the state."

"We can always make more orphans."


A chorus of tortured voices screams, "End this, we beg of you!"

A sobbing, tearful voice cries, "Free me, I beg of you."

A cackling voice in your mind shrieks, "They are coming, they are coming!"

A choked voice groans, "Not my fault. I did not want to..."

A choked voice groans, "Hide, me! The Shadow With Wings comes!"

Hungry voices nearby moan, "There is no end to this torment. Only the blood can make us whole."

Hungry voices nearby moan, "Kill them all and crack the bones and eat the flesh and the blood, so sweet and filling, the salty, stinging blood..."

A gentle voice whispers, "Your will is no longer your own."

A softly sibilant voice rasps, "Xorus is plotting to kill you. I heard him. Strike first."


"Endorsements are not necessary for bending the knee, nor do they suffice for it."

What Does Obeying Xorus Mean For Me?

* Trepanation: Freed forever from your demons!

Slurring and bleeding from a grievous hole gouged in his tattooed skull, a Sheruvian monk makes an incoherent hand gesture of approval.

* Possession: Never suffer alone again!

Scantily clad from ripping at her clothes to get under her skin, a young girl silently smashes her head against her asylum door repeatedly, having bitten her own tongue off.

* Everlasting Life: No longer at the mercy of Lorminstra!

Rotting flesh and vacant dead eyed stares accompany luxurious relaxing in still rocking chairs on the porch of Hearthstone Manor.

* Total Annihilation: No longer at the mercy of Lorminstra!

Some huge muscular man with a disturbing lizardlike head in an icy cavern rips into the helpless body of a recent sacrifice and hurls it to the ground.


"Get them while it is still legal to not have them." - Campaign Buttons


a black vruul skin button with a three-lobed burning eye reading, "Obey Xorus."

a black vruul skin banner with a three-lobed burning eye


(1) Talon Street, Stone Baths

a warped vruul leather sign gripped by a six-taloned claw reading "Why Choose The Lesser Evil? Vote Xorus."

(2) Town Square East, Moot Hall

a shattered sign of bones fashioned into elegant calligraphy, "Civil Disobedience Is Still Disobedience: Obey Xorus."

(3) Town Square West, Bank

a bloodstained campaign sign scrawled with the words, "The End Is Nigh! Our Lord is the Dreadlord!"


a fine silvered linen card
"Keep Your Children Safe. Vote Xorus."

 Below the stark block letters at the top of the page is a disturbing image of leprous, emaciated children, their clothing hanging off them in rags.  The artist has taken the time to detail their misery meticulously, from their scabrous and withered limbs to their distended bellies.  Their eyes are huge and hollow, all but begging the viewer to do something.  The bottom of the page bears a three-lobed burning eye.
a sheet of fine silvery grey vellum
"Our Lord Is the Dreadlord"

 Below the elegant calligraphy at the top of the page is an inked image of a gaunt figure in black riding a rearing nightmare steed.  The animal's flowing mane obscures the rider's left hand, but his right is raised and pointing ahead in an unmistakable gesture of command.  The stones on which the horse stands look suspiciously like the engraved blood marble that made up the altar at the Great Temple of Talador.

Events with Xorus

All times Eastern

Date/Time Event Title and Description Venue and Lich ID Transcript of the Event
Sun, Mar 8, 8pm "Enthralled by Xorus." Join mayoral candidate Xorus Kul'shin on Sunday, March 8th at 8 PM for an informal gathering at Silvergate Inn's Lion's Den Pub and learn of his plans for a stronger Wehnimer's Landing. Refreshments, gifts, and campaign literature will be available. Silvergate Inn, Lion's Den Pub (Lich #3740) Log of the Event
Sun, Mar 8, 11pm "Conversation and Comestibles." The Order of Shadow is hosting an opportunity to get to know the three candidates for this year's mayoral race at the lovely Temple of Ivas in Vipershroud swamp. Come join us for casual conversation and comestibles at this most scenic of vistas! [WARNING: Safety while traversing ye perilous Vipershroud is not guaranteed, especially for unseasoned adventurers. Venture forth at your own risk!!] Vipershroud, Temple of Ivas, Courtyard (Lich #9646) Log of the Event
Sat, Mar 14, 8pm "Mayoral Candidate Triathlon." Silvergate Inn will host their 3rd Annual Mayoral Triathlon which will begin promptly at 8:00 P.M. on Feastday, Charlatos 14th (Saturday, March 14th) at the Silvergate Inn, Courtyard in Wehnimer's Landing. Come and cheer on the tactics and prowess of all our candidates. There will be three contests, but like the election itself, there can be only one winner. Silvergate Inn, Courtyard (Lich #3741)
Sat, Mar 14, after 11pm "Official Mayoral Debate." The Mayoral Debates will be hosted by Judge Renpaw and the 3 mayoral candidates will be invited to answer questions from players as they sign up on a list and watch the debate in the Moot Hall Chamber of Justice. Moot Hall, Chamber of Justice (Lich #____) Log of the Event
Mon, Mar 16, Midnight "Campaign (Hell)Raiser." Join the Order of the Shadow in raising funds (and possibly hell) for Mayoral Candidate and resident Dreadlord, Xorus Kul’Shin! While financial donations will certainly be accepted and encouraged, the currency we prefer to harvest in this instance shall be flesh and blood; to that end, we'll be offering the chance to cause grievous (and most importantly, voluntary) physical harm to a number of our esteemed members in exchange for pledges. Ever wanted to attempt to explode former Mayor Cruxophim, or current Mayor Lylia?! Now’s your chance! Black Orchard, TSSE (Go Door, Go Roots - Lich #28304)
Tue, Mar 17, 11:30pm "Spa Night with Lylia and Xorus." Lylia brings her Cosmetics and shares her fashion expertise, but who knows what Xorus will bring! Snacks and refreshments will be served. Come and unwind with the candidate and his campaign manager in the Golden Rose Spa at Silvergate Inn. Silvergate Inn, Golden Rose Spa (Lich #3739, then go Golden Door)

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